The KOI Resource Map

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The KOI Resource Map by Mind Map: The KOI Resource Map

1. Research

1.1. Feedly RSS reader

1.2. Evernote

1.3. XMind mind mapping program

1.4. MindMeister online mind mapping program

2. Go further ... with Koi

2.1. Koi is a platform for people who are passionate about innovating building businesses and impacting the world

2.2. Koi supports entrepreneurs through a range of resources and the Koi community...

2.3. find out more ...

3. Note on books...

3.1. Many of the books recommended can be purchased as Kindle ebooks (at half the price!), and read on your PC with the "Kindle for PC program" (there are also Kindle apps for iPhones, iPads and Android)

3.1.1. download Kindle for PC

3.2. Hard-to-find books can be also be sourced thru

4. A Better World... (The Three Worlds)

4.1. Book

4.1.1. Jeff van Duzer, Why Business Matters to God (excellent outline of what a business should be)

4.1.2. my sermon on this topic

5. Ideas

5.1. Book

5.1.1. Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point (invaluable for understanding how we REALLY make decisions)

5.1.2. Summary of The Tipping Point - available as a Kindle download

5.2. Article (PDF)

5.2.1. Hugh MacLeod, How to be Creative brilliant!

6. Spaces

6.1. South Africa

6.1.1. National Planning Commission 9 Challenges facing South Africa (YouTube) Planning for Thandi's Future (YouTube) full Diagnostic Report (PDF)

6.2. Transport & Telematics

6.2.1. AutoTech's $150m for transport startups

6.3. Internet of Things

6.3.1. AutoDesk's Forge platform for IoT apps

6.4. Base of the Pyramid

6.4.1. books Portfolios of the Poor: How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth by Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu mixed reviews; haven't read it yet

6.5. Cities

6.5.1. South African Cities Network

6.5.2. Future Cape Town, London, Joburg, Lagos

7. Incubation

7.1. LaunchLab in Stellenbosch

7.2. Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town

7.3. Innovation Hub in Pretoria

7.4. extensive vendor support is also available for new ventures through Microsoft's BizSpark programme

7.5. also

7.5.1. The Sable Accelerator (in Silicon Valley, for SA companies) article

8. Non-Profits

8.1. Philanthropy University online courses




12. Technology

12.1. Open IP

12.1.1. The Global Innovation Commons

12.2. CSIR

12.2.1. has plenty of great technology waiting to be commercialised

12.2.2. (talk to me if you're interested; I work with them to commercialise their IP)

12.3. NASA Startup programme

12.3.1. over 12,000 patents can be licensed from NASA only available to companies in the USA...

13. Right Fit to You?

13.1. Book

13.1.1. Po Bronson, "What Should I Do With My Life" summary article

13.1.2. Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code a good guide to the "10,000 hours" !

14. Marketing

14.1. Book

14.1.1. Guy Kawasaki, Selling the Dream (and see his other excellent books)

14.1.2. Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm (and see his other excellent books)

14.2. Sales

14.2.1. Sales management Miller Heiman, "Large Account Management Process (LAMP)" (and see their other excellent books on selling)

14.2.2. Proposals there are some great tools out there for preparing proposals; this article covers some of the best ones Nusii has a great free proposal cheatsheet

15. Monetisation & Value Chains

15.1. Profit migration on value chains

15.1.1. Books Slywotzky, Profit Migration Slywotzky & Morrison, The Profit Zone Slywotzky et al, Profit Patterns

15.2. Wardley Value Chains

15.2.1. intro

15.2.2. Simon Wardley's blog

15.3. pricing

15.3.1. Books Lean Pricing

16. Developing

16.1. UI Design

16.1.1. lots of great articles at Smashing Magazine

16.1.2. "Step-by-Step UI Design" - great eBook for $6

16.1.3. "Before & After: How to Design Cool Stuff" superb book on design in general

16.2. UI tools

16.2.1. ForeUI

16.2.2. Balsamiq

16.2.3. DesignerVista


16.2.5. Prototypes just for iPhone apps; runs on Mac

16.2.6. Flint brilliant for Mac and iOS protyping

16.2.7. more Article on 25 UI tools

16.3. Stacks

16.3.1. StackShare

16.4. Mobile development

16.4.1. using WeChat Good introduction to WeChat's possibilities Naspers' R50m WeChat fund for mobile startups

16.4.2. the M Lab (part of The Innovation Hub, see below under Incubation)

16.4.3. The Smashing Magazine "Mobile Book"

16.5. Vendor support

16.5.1. extensive vendor support is available for new ventures through Microsoft's BizSpark programme

16.6. Platforms

16.6.1. Ning for social networks, forums

16.6.2. Evernote for document systems Online course on the API from CodeAcademy eg

16.6.3. Dropbox API for sync'ing desktop and mobile apps eg. YNAB

16.6.4. OneAPI emerging standard for single sign-on across mobile operators for mobile apps

16.6.5. Keen IO great backend for accumulating, analysing, reporting on events

16.6.6. Analytics Flurry (free) Mixpanel (very powerful)

16.6.7. Twilio for voice and text functionality

16.6.8. for enterprise-facing applications see local company Agilitude

16.6.9. Bing for "Bringing the World’s Knowledge to Your Apps" - think access to the massive amounts of knowledge stored in Bing "Natural and Intuitive User Experiences" - access to OCR, translation and voice control (a' la Apple's Siri) "Awareness of the Physical World" - access to Bing's mapping, directions and immersive geospatial experiences (see for eg their Photosynth work, that merges hundreds of public domain photos into 360% panoramas)

16.6.10. Prss iPad publishing

16.6.11. (Autos)

16.6.12. (Watches)

16.6.13. (AR)

16.6.14. Messaging & chat for mobile apps SendBird

17. Funding

17.1. Government funding

17.1.1. SPII Grants

17.2. DTI and and DST funding

17.3. also

17.3.1. The Sable Accelerator (in Silicon Valley, for SA companies) article

18. Scaling

18.1. Deliveries

18.1.1. OnTheDot

18.2. Online backups

18.2.1. CrashPlan

18.3. CRM's

18.3.1. Highrise simple, solid, reliable See here for highlights (tips)

19. pan-Africa

19.1. which countries?

19.1.1. A New Map for Business in Africa

20. Protection (from the Shark!)

20.1. LOTNetwork

20.1.1. a nonprofit community of companies that includes global giants like Canon, Red Hat, Dropbox and Logitech as well as startups. Member companies agree to provide immunity for one another in case their patents at some point fall into the hands of a troll — providing a real deterrent to frivolous lawsuits

20.2. Unified Patents

20.2.1. offers products and services on the defensive front

21. Coworking spaces

21.1. Cape Town

21.1.1. "Cape Town Office"

21.1.2. Platform9

21.1.3. Daddy.O

21.1.4. review of cowering spaces in CT

21.2. Johannesburg

21.2.1. "5 Creative Co-Working Spaces in Johannesburg"

21.3. South Africa

21.3.1. CoworkingSA

22. Branding

22.1. start here

22.1.1. read my KoiTip "Don't Be Shoemaker's Children"

22.2. Logos

22.2.1. "If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free": excellent article on the new way of thinking about branding

22.3. Domain names

22.3.1. Checking InstantDomainSearch for .com/org/net IWantMyName - best guide to new TLDs SA Whois for's DomainTools for others (or more information) DomainScout - great iPhone app for this Sedo - for buying/selling domains (research pricing...) - use for escrow when buying a domain

22.3.2. Registering RegisterDomain for .za domains IWantMyName for new TLD's GoDaddy for all others also do's now

22.4. Websites

22.4.1. Booklet Seth Godin, Knock Knock (free PDF) - read this BEFORE you plan your site!

22.4.2. Vigo - stunning websites, from SA company (that I mentor!)

22.4.3. Weebly - great tool for doing your own site

22.4.4. Squarespace - like Weebly but 1. way more more beautiful 2. more expensive: $8 pm for 20 pages, $16 pm for unlimited pages 3. steeper learning curve

22.5. Images

22.5.1. CanStockPhoto

22.5.2. iStockPhoto tip: add "isolated" to search, to find images on white background has become very expensive...

22.5.3. YAY Micro

22.5.4. Stock.XCHNG (free images)

22.5.5. many others...

22.6. Email newsletters

22.6.1. MailChimp (free up to 2,000 subscribers & 12,000 emails pm) or get started very easily & quickly with MailChimp's TinyLetter service for free

22.6.2. or if you're severely tech challenged, Mad Mimi (free for up to 100 subscribers)

22.6.3. new changes to ECT ACT 2002 no more OPT-OUT ! fines of R1m !!!

22.7. Pitching

22.7.1. Book Don Peppers, "Life's a Pitch"

23. Design

23.1. great graphics tool

23.1.1. Canva

24. MORE

24.1. great online tool for drawing up your business plan

24.1.1. LivePlan

24.1.2. see also their hundreds of superb free sample business plans

25. Storytelling

25.1. Books

25.1.1. Annette Simmons, The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling

25.1.2. Stephen Denning, The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations

25.1.3. drawing while presenting The Back of the Napkin, by Dan Roam (and other books by him)

25.2. Podcast

25.2.1. "Sell It With A Story", by Doug Stevenson (see his book, too)

25.3. Newsletter

25.3.1. "Likeable Expert" - an excellent guide to writing short stories for newsletters

25.3.2. (also see his son's newsletter on Copywriting...)

25.4. Comics

25.4.1. Comic Life software for Windows/Mac

26. Teams

26.1. how to divide equity

26.1.1. use vesting equity for new people

26.1.2. useful book Slicing Pie: Fund Your Company Without Funds The Slicing Pie Handbook: Perfectly Fair Equity Splits for Bootstrapped Startups

26.1.3. useful infographic .

26.2. expert Barn mentor on partnerships

26.2.1. Mignon Keyser

26.3. slide deck

26.3.1. Startup Culture: 23 Insights From The NetFlix Culture Deck

26.4. New node

27. Managing

27.1. book

27.1.1. Kawasaki; Rules For Revolutionaries: The Capitalist Manifesto for Creating and Marketing New Products and Services

27.2. slide deck

27.2.1. Startup Culture: 23 Insights From The NetFlix Culture Deck

28. Good Reading

28.1. Startup Digest

28.1.1. "free weekly email to help you learn more in the tech startup world"

28.2. Silicon Cape Digest

28.2.1. sign up on the site to get their weekly Digest of useful articles for entrepreneurs

28.3. Mixergy

28.3.1. fascinating indepth interviews with successful entrepreneurs (audio & transcript)

29. What is this?

29.1. it is a list of all the resources I mention during my Koi Workshops and Masterclasses for entrepreneurs...

30. Want to attend a free Workshop or Masterclass?

30.1. my Idea Workshop Bootcamp helps entrepreneurs to discover and develop a great idea for a better world

30.2. it is run regularly across South Africa by organisations like Microsoft, the Innovation Hub, mLab, the Bandwidth Barn and Stellenbosch University

30.3. I also run run regular afternoon Masterclasses in both Cape Town and Gauteng, followed by "Coffee with Neil" sessions where you can discuss your ideas with me and the others

30.4. all Koi workshops and masterclasses are sponsored by Koi partners - so you can attend for free

30.5. want to attend one? please sign up for the Koi newsletter for news of all free workshops and masterclasses

30.6. want a taste of what you'll learn in the Idea Workshop? my "KoiTips" newsletter with lessons for entrepreneurs goes out to over a thousand people. Read some and subscribe here... (please click on the link)

31. please join the KoiGroup too ... a community of entrepreneurs sharing resources & encouragement!

31.1. click on the arrow to join...

32. Can't Find It ?

32.1. can't find a resource I mentioned during the workshop? or found a broken link?

32.2. drop me an email!!!

32.2.1. [email protected]

33. ...the Author

33.1. My name is Neil Hinrichsen of KoiStrategy. I help entrepreneur across South Africa.

33.2. (I've been an entrepreneur myself - two startups, both acquired)

33.3. my "KoiTip" lessons for entrepreneurs are read by over a thousand people - you may want to read some or subscribe here...

33.4. ...or join the "Koi Entrepreneurs Group" on Facebook...

33.5. ...or attend my "Idea Workshop" for entrepreneurs

33.6. ...or read my blog "Diary of a Change Agent"

33.7. ...or follow me on Twitter @NeilHinrichsen

34. Copyright (C) 2016 KoiStrategy (Pty) Ltd

35. New node