Modern Japan_Economy

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Modern Japan_Economy by Mind Map: Modern Japan_Economy

1. Instructions

1.1. Click on the "bullseye" icon next to a topic to open things up; click on the link icons to link to other maps, topics, and multimedia; read the map from top to bottom, and from left to right. Wander and wonder!

2. Google

2.1. Google Scholar

3. Start Here: Aspects

3.1. Google Translate

3.2. timeline of history of Japan

3.3. color coding

3.3.1. main points

3.3.2. proper nouns or adjectives

3.3.3. places

3.3.4. time reference

3.3.5. quotes and concepts

3.4. Modern Japan_Index

3.5. general

3.5.1. initial boost to the economy... from the... Korean War

3.5.2. oil embargo 1973 so inflation economic growth balance of trade necessary adjustments Google Google Scholar Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

3.6. development

3.6.1. progression of attitudes anxiety about survival growth at all costs balancing of... health with... wealth worry about... the outsourcing of jobs and... the rise of...

3.6.2. obstacles scarcity of farmland dependence on imports food oil most other raw materials intense labor strife 1950s unions

3.6.3. industrial and financial powerhouse by... 1970s how builds... world's largest producer of... automobile production drives the... becomes ... the world's financial and banking center

3.6.4. Asian tigers emergence of serious competition South Korea Taiwan Hong Kong Singapore employ the... Japanese formula for success Google Google Scholar Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

3.6.5. recession 1980s not as serious in... Japan why bursting of the... weakening of... bad loans currency woes

3.6.6. economy remains... one of the world's strongest per capita GDP of... $36,280

3.7. labor

3.7.1. work ethic increasing labor complacency why so guaranteed lifetime employment is... so

3.7.2. Google Google Scholar

3.7.3. Bing Images

3.7.4. Bing Videos

3.7.5. AskJeeves

3.7.6. DuckDuckGo

4. Bing Images

5. Bing Videos

6. AskJeeves

7. DuckDuckGo

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