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Minority Report Film Vs. Short Story by Mind Map: Minority Report Film Vs. Short Story
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Minority Report Film Vs. Short Story

Minority Report is a 2002 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg. This film is classified as a Science fiction film. The film is set in the year 2054 in Washington, DC. The film is about a man who works for a police agency called Precrime. This police agency has the ability, thanks to the "Precogs", to foresee future events, primarily on the basis that a murder will be commited. This allows them to arrest people before they have the chance to commit murder. When the leading analyzing officer foresees himself commiting murder, he flees in an attempt to change his future and prove he will be innocent. When the moment of his prediction arrives, at the last second, thanks to an alarm he set on his watch, does not kill the person. This turn of events reveals to him that he has been set up but coincidentally still fulfills the prediction when the man forces his way to the officers gun and gets shot. The events that followed after the alteration of the future lead to the death of one of the officers that where searching for him and to discovering that the man who is a co-founder of the agency was the person who framed him, in order to remove all possible officers that would pickup that he had found a loophole in the system and used it to murder someone. After revealing this to the public, the agency saw its end and the Precogs gained their freedom.

Main Characters

John Anderton Vs. John Anderton

Danny Witwer Vs. Ed Witwer

Agatha Vs. Mike, Donna, Jerry

Lamar Burgess

Trey Crow Vs. Leopold Kaplan


Theme of the Film

The theme of the film is what if the very devices that we use to help us extend our abilities, where used against us? This is the question that the film tends to answer. An example of this would be when John was analyzing the prediction and all of a sudden, he saw himself killing a man that he had never seen before. In the end the question is answered by stating that even though these devices oppose our beliefs, we still have the power to change our own fates.

Theme of the Short Story



Main Setting

Main Setting of the Film

This film is set in the year 2054, mainly in the city of Washington, DC. At this time in the US, the homicide rates where incredibly high and something needed to be done. They describe the District of Columbia as a highly futuristic place where a person's identity is located within their eyes. Everytime they enter any room, transporation device or shopping centers they are scanned. Even though the area is highly futuristic, there are still some familiar sites that make you believe that it still resembles Washington, DC.

Main Setting of the Short Story