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Time Out by Mind Map: Time Out
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Time Out

Key Words

Classroom Management

Intervention Strategies

Behavior Management

Reinforcing Environments

Non Reinforcing Environments

Tough Kids

Time Out is NOT:

a place




permanent fix

Sit & Watch

student is removed from distraction causing behavior

seperated from group

allowed to observe lesson, but not able to participate

Many ways this can be implemented in the classroom


student is removed from distraction

student is facing wall or corner

unable to participate in during lesson


more severe behavior issues

removed from classroom

moved to alternate location

last 20-30 minutes


most severe

removed from classroom

alone in alternate location

visible to teacher

student should never be left without supervision

Time Out is:

used to re-direct behavior

decrease specific behaviors

offers guidelines

more than simply putting a child in a corner

Survival Strategies:

plan procedure & remain consistent

stick to time guidelines

make sure work missed is completed