EB preparation

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EB preparation by Mind Map: EB preparation

1. front office

1.1. exchange

1.1.1. outgoing event management internal external customer care matching strategies buddying

1.1.2. incoming

1.2. membership

1.2.1. team minimums team = 3 mmbs plan coaching PAM JD Reflection Education MEC knowledge hub Goal Setting meeting TLD transition

1.2.2. NPS

2. back office

2.1. Finance

2.1.1. legality

2.1.2. accounting

2.1.3. budgeting

2.1.4. granty?

2.2. marketing

2.2.1. external communication

2.2.2. promotion marketing campaigns

2.2.3. media partnerships

2.2.4. market research product segmentation defining target group supply & demand research identifying channels creating marketing plan online promotion offline marketing

2.2.5. what? TMP RCTM online offline OGX RCTM online promo marketing materils

2.3. business development

2.3.1. role = earn money NDK Y2B ToT Partnerstva

2.3.2. how? market research & segmentation calling meeting sign contracts account management resign

2.3.3. BCK https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/14a9177d83e3178d

2.4. local committee development

2.4.1. internal communication newsletter google group administration facebook CUcky and CUBA

2.4.2. recruitment talent planning talent marketing profiling promotion selection allocation induction period

2.4.3. R&R rewards recognition members criteria

2.4.4. fullmembership

2.4.5. building culture LC meetings agenda message TBLDs Competitions corporate

2.4.6. conferences national promotion tracking reflection local conference manager agenda manager

3. LCP

3.1. leader of EB

3.1.1. development personal coaching proffesional transition

3.1.2. performance plan fulfillment area management work with teamleaders work with members pipeline management

3.2. leader of LC

3.2.1. role model confereces - work hard, party responsible LC meetings respectful overview of current state motivation

3.2.2. creating OS

3.2.3. follow focus of LC GIPo financial resources human resources marketing campaigns

3.3. external representative

3.3.1. strategic partners account manager universities CU CityU STU NGOs FMUK FSEV STU

3.3.2. representative at events external events STUnia mtg ??? internal events stakeholders mtg

3.3.3. representative in medias OKO TLIS regional medias

4. EB team

4.1. team identity

4.1.1. LC BA EB 12/13

4.2. strategic organ - leading FA

4.2.1. planning Q3 = 50% plánu backwards planning - ak su statistiky https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/14a2f4df726ba939

5. Sustainable environment for members and exchange development

5.1. financial sustainability

5.2. leadership pipeline

5.3. exchange delivery