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Rights Issues - repository owners by Mind Map: Rights Issues - repository owners
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Rights Issues - repository owners

Licensing schemes

Market place

Adds complexity

Business models


Is Creative Commons the de facto standard for content licenses?


Monitoring copyright infringements

Could monitoring copyright infringements be part of risks management(item1)?

Who should monitor copyright infringements?

How to prevent copyright infringements?

How to report copyright infringements?

General questions

Developing guidelines to licensors




Pre-moderating submitted content before it is published

User Interface issues

How to visualize the rights issues concerning digital media? How to get easy access both to copyrighted and liberally licenced resources?

How should copyright restricted media be searchable/visible

Metadata field for right issues must be compulsory!!!

It can lead to wrong copyright metadata -- users who are not competent in copyright issues write whatever there to proceed

different legal situations in different countries

collective metadata

usage statistics. e.g. click count may be valuable for ranking resourses according to popularity.

Digital Rights Management

1) Locking out technology 2) Managment of rights issues with digital technology

Management of Rights

Management of rights issues with digital technology It's more about managing data than managing content.

Relevant policies and initiatives

free governmental

Policy that govts provide access to national resources, eg, museums, galleries, archives, broadcasting. Incentives or mandatory requirement for public funded orgs to produce openly available content. EG RTE broadcaster in Ireland must dedicate some of their budget to "educational resources". Even making their assets openly available may cost money ... to be VLE independent etc. This must be encouraged.

free in community

Eg, European Repositories Project or Wikipedia-type stuff. Leverage existing understanding amongst teachers re the technologies so as to encourage sharing. Don't make it a big learning curve --- make it easy for teachers to share their content.


Investigate if there is some advantage to commercial publishers if they share some aspects of their content. Can there be a commercial incentive to encourage them to share?

education of content creators

important  to have a simple clear licensing regime with all content creators (teachers, individuals, companies, public sector) understanding what rights they are sharing 

Policy for IP ownership of both metadata + object

Must ensure that recognise the difference between IP of the object and IP of the metaDATA. Not simply metadata relating to keywords, etc, it can be much more sophisticated info about arrangement, learning experience, usage in contexts, etc. Eg, draw a circle on paper, where is the IP in that alone? Not much! But in a particular context it can be hugely valuable in teaching shape of country, perimeter math measurements, etc. 


Risk Management Strategies

Legal Analysis


Identity of Users

Logging users

Access to databse

Rules for use

Technical Measures to secure content

Response strategies