Domestic Life in early 1900's

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Domestic Life in early 1900's by Mind Map: Domestic Life in early 1900's

1. Technology

1.1. Printing revolutions improve life for the reading public

1.1.1. Newspapers are available for $0.01 a copy

1.2. Kodak camera is introduced

1.2.1. Amateur photographers erupt from this technology

1.3. Airplanes are in production, stronger engines are being made

1.3.1. First continental airmail service 1920

2. City Life

2.1. Skyscrapers begin popping up in Chicago and New York City

2.1.1. More people can live in the city, and companies expand

2.2. Electric transit emerges in large cities

2.2.1. Over 100,000 commuters each day in New York City

2.3. Engineers develop advanced architecture and plan cities to maximize usage of land area

2.3.1. America is developing as an advanced country overall

3. Expanding Public Education

3.1. Schools are developed for young children

3.1.1. Laws are passed to require school for children, to enforce reading, writing, and math

3.2. Higher education becomes more commonplace as college attendance nearly quadruples in the early 1900's.

3.2.1. America is becoming smarter and is able to advance past European countries

3.3. African Americans are shunned from society for not being as educated, but at the same time are discriminated from attending many schools

3.3.1. W.E.B. Debois becomes first African American with degree, fights for same rights for African Americans in educational system

4. Expanding Higher Education

4.1. Higher education is made available for African Americans

4.1.1. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DeBois

4.2. Education for Immigrants

4.2.1. many still have trouble affording to have the children in school instead of working

4.3. Changes in universities

4.3.1. Universities grow and become more advanced and diverse

5. Segregation & Discrimination

5.1. Voting restrictions are enforced on minorities

5.1.1. Literacy tests for immigrants

5.2. Jim Crow Laws become the norm in the south

5.2.1. Blacks are, once again, at the disadvantage

5.3. Discrimination in the west is directed towards Mexican workers

6. Dawn of Mass Culture

6.1. The Newspaper becomes widely available to inform people of current events

6.1.1. Pulitzer and William Henry Hearst

6.2. Fine Art becomes available

6.2.1. Americans follow suit with art trending in Europe

6.3. Popular fiction, later becomes historic

6.3.1. Work of Mark Twain in particular