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NLC 2010 by Mind Map: NLC 2010
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NLC 2010

opening session

conference is about education and the use of new technology

Vivian Hodson

Lone Dircknick Holmfeld

Thomas Ryberg


Organized as fishbowl

Etienne Wenger

The Fishbowl

Yrjo Engeström

parallel session 1

Paper 8: Social Networks and Learning Networks: Using social network perspectives to understand social learning, Caroline Haythornthwaite, Maarten de Laat

Paper 4: Using ad hoc transient communities to stenghten social capital

Paper 5: Democratic Rationalization on the network

Paper 6: Identifying mediators

Paper 7: Social network dynamics in international students' learning. Nashrawan Taha (presenter), Andrew Cox. University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Parallel Session 2

Paper 17: Networks as platforms for expansive development

Paper 18 Coalistion Formation in Networked Innovation

Paper 19 Leveraging Social Network Technologies in Corporate Environments

Symposium 1: The Space Occupied by Networked Learning in the Higher Education Curriculum: Revisiting the Networked Learning Manifesto

parallel session 4

papers 37 Blogs and forums as communication and learning tools in a massive open online course

paper 38 Microblogging as a tool for networked learning in production networks

parralel session 6

papers 49 SNA within networked environments

papers 50 Using the lenses of socio cultural activity theory and communitie of practice to guide an empirical study

papers 51 "Fairy rings" of participation: The "invisible" network influencing participation in online communities

papers 52 Where does the learning take place? Learning spaces and the situated curriculum within networked learning

Parallel session 3

Paper 26 Online group work patterns: how to promote succesfull collaboration?

Concluding panel

Charalambos Vrasidas

Caroline Haythornthwaite

Etienne Wenger

Grainne Conole