Lifestyle Income Solution

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Lifestyle Income Solution by Mind Map: Lifestyle Income Solution

1. Active Income

1.1. Actively Earned Income

1.1.1. Employed

1.1.2. Self Employed

2. Passive Income

2.1. Recurring Income

2.1.1. Investment Income Retirement Fund Savings Stocks and Bonds Rental Income

2.1.2. Business Income Business Owners MLM Creating and Selling Your Own Products like eBooks, Videos, Audios or Software Why Create Your OWN Product? What's YOUR Niche? Keys to Success Who Will BUY Your Product? How Do You Find Out? But What Do I Do FIRST? Product Creation Steps Questions People Are Asking BEFORE They Buy Anything Most Common Questions In Your Niche? Be The Boss! Is This YOU? Essential Tips Show Me The Money Ultimate Product Secrets