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Urges - a novel by Mind Map: Urges - a novel
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Urges - a novel

Connections Blue = places Red = people Green = plot


Caitlyn Grace

Main character

University student

Has a boyfriend

Submissive (curious)


Zara Claire Anson


Best friends with Caitlyn


Into knife-play, rope-play and breath-play


Ben Haplin

Boyfriend of Caitlyn

University student


Hostile towards BDSM, thinks kinksters are freaks



Graham Faraday, Into electro-play, Submissive, Married, Open relationship, 45

Miriam Faraday, Into W&M, Married, Open relationship, 52

Claire Smitt, Lesbian, Pro-domme, Into flogging, Aware of Urges, Polyamourous, 47, Single/Open relationship/fuck buddy

Greg Childe, Master, 24/7, 33, Into leather, Has 2 children, Divorced, Aware of Urges

Andrew Grover, 17, Bisexual, Shibari-art, Single, Monogamous

Jane Simpson, 19, Slave, 24/7, Foot-fetish, Collared, Leather

Gary Brightman, Gay, S&M, Single, 24, Aware of Urges

Mary Andover, Doctor (Paediatric surgeon), Medical/surgical fetish, 29, Aware of Urges, Straight



Kinksters Awareness Group

The Parlor - fetish club


Training area

Containment area


Coffee Shop

Munch meets fortnightly

Plot points

Caitlyn explores fetish scene

attacked by Urges, talks to Zara about attack, goes to munch with Zara, meets fetishist characters, talks about kinks, approached by Claire about D/s, talks about imaginary friend, concern from aware people, learns about things, invited/goes to fetish club, talks to Ben about attack, Ben asks questions about where she was/why, Ben follows Caitlyn and finds out about munches, tells Ben about fetish-interest, Ben angry, split up, Ben agrees to try things, Ben dominates Caitlyn, Ben becomes abusive, Things work out, Ben and Caitlyn split up, Ben becomes possessed by an Urge, talks to police, gets dismissed as pranking/crazy, starts getting followed by someone, confides fears in Zara, wants to learn more about weird fetish follower, follow up, but find nothing

goes to university group, learns about Zara's kinks

Caitlyn sees imaginary friend from childhood

intrigued, looks up childhood diaries, finds entries disturbing, describes zentai fetishism

ignores/dismisses occurences