PalleTech Value Prop

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PalleTech Value Prop by Mind Map: PalleTech Value Prop

1. Features "Pallets are..."

1.1. Intelligent

1.1.1. Sensing Capability (RAW) Temperature Sensor Humidity Sensor Pressure Sensor Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Force (Weight) Sensor

1.1.2. Localization Self Aware Bluetooth LE "Smart" Chip Tree Based Routing

1.1.3. End to end Internet connection Through BLE sink Headless 6Lowpan router Smartphone with BLE Wearable with BLE

1.1.4. Active RFID Tagging Passive + Active tagging

1.1.5. Data Encryption Accounts (Email, Gmail, etc.) AES 256bits

1.1.6. Sensing Capability (Algorithm/ API based) Box/ Cargo Phone Camera Based Vibrational Signature Based Pallet Level BLE Based Vibrational Signature based Temperature based Phone Camera Based Forklift Level Vibrational Signature Based BLE Based WH Personel Level Vibrational Signature Based BLE Based TR Personel Level Vibrational Signature Based BLE Based Temperature Based Long Haul BLE Based Vibrational Signature Based

1.2. Nestable

1.2.1. Leg lock in

1.3. Recyclable

1.3.1. Paper material

1.3.2. Waterproof Resin

1.4. Customizable

1.4.1. Beam width + length customizable to size

1.5. Administration Light

1.5.1. Bypass lengthy paperwork

2. Benefits "With our pallets you..."

2.1. Save space

2.2. Track assets

2.3. Eliminate the need for barcodes

2.4. Reduce your paper cost of printing the barcode

2.5. Reduce admin and IT costs

2.6. Reduce your admin compliance costs (paper only)

2.7. Analyze key Warehouse Metrics

2.8. Analyze key Supply Chain Metrics

2.9. Manage Pallet Inventory

2.10. Optimize Pallet Racking

2.11. Cut down your Carbon Footprint

2.12. Create Customizable Views for your Operators (Training)

2.13. Connect with operators across your entire supply chain

2.14. Monitor

2.14.1. Forklift truck rider behaviour

2.14.2. Cold chain break alert

2.14.3. Shop floor clogs

2.14.4. Shop Floor Access to Pallet Information

2.14.5. Warehouse Temperature

2.14.6. RFID tagging without implementing system

2.15. Control

2.16. Cloud-based

2.16.1. Web

2.16.2. iOS

2.16.3. Android

3. Total Value Added

4. What questions to ask

4.1. What software do you use for?

4.2. How often do you check for ...?

4.3. How often do your pallets break?

4.4. Is pallet loading an issue?

4.5. Average Loading/ Unloading times of a pallet in its life cycle