20. ILT - Managing Rosters

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20. ILT - Managing Rosters by Mind Map: 20. ILT - Managing Rosters

1. Purpose

1.1. Manage a roster

1.2. Manage a waitlist

1.3. Move user from waitlist to new session

1.4. Batch withdraw and move users to a new session

2. Managing Rosters

2.1. Access

2.1.1. Admins

2.1.2. Session Instructors

2.2. Search for the event or session

2.3. View Roster

2.3.1. Tabs Roster See current users Add attachments Status Min/Max users Schedule details Exception requests Waitlist Users Attendance & Scoring Post session management No attendance? Attendance OK but no Pass? Submit Roster Assignments Note: Only show if there is pre-requisites or pre/post work associated. You can exempt users from this page.

3. Batch Withdraw/Move Users

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. Useful for moving users from one session and adding them to another session.

3.2. Steps

3.2.1. 1. View Roster

3.2.2. 2. Withdraw/Move Users Note: Requires associated permission

3.2.3. 3. Select Users to Withdraw/Move

3.2.4. 4. Select Withdraw OR Move

3.2.5. 5. Select Reason Charge penalty? Send email? If moving, choose which session you are moving users to. Reservation and restriction settings for the other sessions still apply.

3.2.6. 6. Assign Training (moving only) This moves users to the new session If there are not enough seats you have the option to increase the maximum, or to apply additional users to the waitlist. Users now display in the roster of the new session

4. Move Users from Waitlist to New Session

4.1. Via

4.1.1. ILT > Manage Events & Sessions > Waitlists

4.2. Tabs to view waitlisted users by

4.2.1. User

4.2.2. Session Note: This is usually the best way to move users to a new session. This shows how many are waitlisted for a particular session. Copy Session Change details Assign Training The new session will be created