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1. Life processes of living things

1.1. Movement

1.2. Reproduction

1.2.1. new living things

1.3. Restiration

1.3.1. they breathe

1.4. Excretion

1.5. Nutrition

1.5.1. is the processes that the plant take nutrients of the soil and they are very good for her roots.

1.6. Growth

1.6.1. they grow, a mind they are more big

1.7. Interaction

2. Life cycle of a plant

2.1. Seed

2.1.1. a baby plant

2.2. gerination

2.2.1. with wáter, light and warmth, it creats sprouts

2.3. seedling

2.3.1. a small plant with a few leaves

2.4. young plant

2.4.1. the roots takes up water and minerals from the soil

2.5. nature plant

2.5.1. soon the Young plant becomes a nature plant and it produce flowers

2.6. dispersal

2.6.1. the bees dispers the pollen and the pollen it créate a new plant with time

3. Classification of plants

3.1. flowering plants

3.1.1. angiosperms (roots, leaves, stem, flowers...)

3.1.2. gymnosperms (roots, leaves stem, cones as sedes...)

3.2. non-flowering plants

3.2.1. ferns (roots, leaves...)

3.2.2. mosses

3.2.3. algae (roots, stems, flowers...)

4. Parts of a plant and their funtions

4.1. roots

4.1.1. Absorb water and minerals from the soil.

4.2. leaves

4.2.1. Usually are green. They make food for the plant from sunlight and CO2.

4.3. stem

4.3.1. Supports the plant and carries water and nutrients up and down. They transport water around the plant.

4.4. flowers

4.4.1. They attract pollinators and make sedes that will someday grow into new plant.

4.5. fruit

4.5.1. It protects the developing seeds.

4.6. seeds

4.6.1. They are little cases with a baby plant inside

5. female and male parts of plant

6. Restiration and nutrion of plants

6.1. During the night they don't do the photosintesis, and they breathe like the people.

6.2. They do the photosynthesis is that plants inspire carbon dioxide and expel oxygen, and only makes the photosynthesis during the day, because they need the sun.

7. Reproduction of plants

7.1. asexual

7.1.1. It is that a living being to clear a cell that then become another living being that it will be like to the other.

7.2. sexual

7.2.1. It is a process of creating a new descendant body from two organisms of the same species