Pollution - Lets make a change at Balmoral School.

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Pollution - Lets make a change at Balmoral School. by Mind Map: Pollution - Lets make a change at Balmoral School.

1. No Rubbish Bins

1.1. Positive: Children may become more responsible for taking their waste home.

1.2. Positive: Grounds will be cleaner. Better to look at and healthier.

1.3. Positive: Children will take waste home where it can be better recycled in collections.

1.4. Negative: Children won't care and will litter more frequently.

1.5. Negative: Vermin, such as rats and mice will feed from waste left by children in the grounds.

1.6. Negative: School waste managers won't agree, as it may make their job harder.

1.7. Negative: Teachers will have to 'police' new rules and children may take longer to eat.

1.8. negative: when children dump their rubbish it may draw parents away from putting their children into balmoral school.

2. Recycling Bins

2.1. Positive: Encourage people to reuse reduce and recycle.

2.2. positive: where to put rubbish instead of the ground.

2.3. positive: use compost bins for food scraps or a worm farm.

2.4. positive:if we have recyling bins it helps us recyle our rubbish.

3. No plastics allowed - use paper packaging

3.1. positive: recycle empty boxes and bags for pakaging.

3.2. positive: encourage super markets to have plastic bags that will decompose quicker.

3.3. positive: use disposeable nappies when changing babys.

4. Close the school canteen

4.1. negitive:do not reuse plastics with number 7s the chemicals are very dangerous

4.2. Positive: children should get not plastic wrappings

4.3. positive: will not waist money on food as it is cheaper to buy from supermarkets

4.4. Postive:Reuse or recycle the main paper bags.

4.5. Positive: Children will have to take their lunch rubbish home.

4.6. negitive: if the school changes the packaging for school they will have to take of the packaging from the food then put them into paper bags

5. Take rubbish home

5.1. positive:School dosent have to pay to take rubbish away

5.2. minus: It will still go to the land fill

5.3. postive:we can recycle more of our rubbsh than we do at schooli

6. Plastic packaging

6.1. Positive: it is convenient

6.2. Positive: food comes wraped so it stays fresh

6.3. negative:more plastics,cardboards etc. in landfills

6.4. Positive: they can take their food home in the plastic bag.

6.5. Negitive:You can't recycle it

6.6. negitive: the packaging will still go to the dump and most packaging is made out of plastic.

6.7. negetive: you cant recycle it

7. compost bins

7.1. positive:we could make a worm farm and feed the compost to them.

7.2. minus:if you don't look after the worm farms properly they start to smell.

8. rubbish patrol

8.1. Positive:There wont be so much rubbish around balmoral school.