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Pollution - Lets make a change at Balmoral School. by Mind Map: Pollution - Lets make a change at Balmoral School.
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Pollution - Lets make a change at Balmoral School.

This topic will help explore the needs and wants of our Room 18 society and their vision for change at Balmoral.

No Rubbish Bins

Positive: Children may become more responsible for taking their waste home.

Positive: Grounds will be cleaner. Better to look at and healthier.

Positive: Children will take waste home where it can be better recycled in collections.

Negative: Children won't care and will litter more frequently.

Negative: Vermin, such as rats and mice will feed from waste left by children in the grounds.

Negative: School waste managers won't agree, as it may make their job harder.

Negative: Teachers will have to 'police' new rules and children may take longer to eat.

negative: when children dump their rubbish it may draw parents away from putting their children into balmoral school.

Recycling Bins

Positive: Encourage people to reuse reduce and recycle.

positive: where to put rubbish instead of the ground.

positive: use compost bins for food scraps or a worm farm.

positive:if we have recyling bins it helps us recyle our rubbish.

No plastics allowed - use paper packaging

positive: recycle empty boxes and bags for pakaging.

positive: encourage super markets to have plastic bags that will decompose quicker.

positive: use disposeable nappies when changing babys.

Close the school canteen

nina thinks that if thereshould be no school canteen because 1. its unhealthy. 2. there will not be as much rubbish. and 3. parents will not have to waist their money spending it on mostly junk food.

negitive:do not reuse plastics with number 7s the chemicals are very dangerous

Positive: children should get not plastic wrappings

positive: will not waist money on food as it is cheaper to buy from supermarkets

Postive:Reuse or recycle the main paper bags.

Positive: Children will have to take their lunch rubbish home.

negitive: if the school changes the packaging for school they will have to take of the packaging from the food then put them into paper bags

Take rubbish home

positive:School dosent have to pay to take rubbish away

minus: It will still go to the land fill

postive:we can recycle more of our rubbsh than we do at schooli

Plastic packaging

Positive: it is convenient

Positive: food comes wraped so it stays fresh

negative:more plastics,cardboards etc. in landfills

Positive: they can take their food home in the plastic bag.

Negitive:You can't recycle it

negitive: the packaging will still go to the dump and most packaging is made out of plastic.

negetive: you cant recycle it

compost bins

positive:we could make a worm farm and feed the compost to them.

minus:if you don't look after the worm farms properly they start to smell.

compost it your food scraps such as fruit cores peels and know plastics

rubbish patrol

Positive:There wont be so much rubbish around balmoral school.