Chicago Fire

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Chicago Fire by Mind Map: Chicago Fire

1. Social impacts

1.1. Estimates of the fatalities homeless

1.2. People lost their homes.

1.3. One hundred thousand Chicagoans lost their homes, an uncounted number their places of work.

1.4. People lost their work and lost homes.

2. Economic impacts

2.1. More than $200 million in property was lost.

2.2. about one-third the value of the entire city.

2.3. The division, they were to the north

2.4. Hoping to escape with their lives and carrying what little they could.

3. conclusion

3.1. Chicago fire on 1871

3.2. People died about the fire and cold

3.3. Chicago economic down.

4. Introduction

4.1. Chicago fire in 1871

4.2. People dead

4.3. Lost monay