Chinese Migration

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Chinese Migration by Mind Map: Chinese Migration

1. Reasons

1.1. poverty

1.2. made more money

1.3. overpopulation

1.4. lawlessness in China (J)

2. Migration to US

2.1. Jobs

2.1.1. mines lured to CA bc of gold rush (J) only a few actually got rich

2.1.2. agricultural jobs

2.1.3. factory work/garment industry

2.1.4. construction

2.1.5. opened own businesses

2.2. Anti-Chinese (J)

2.2.1. emerged in 1870s

2.2.2. people angry about Chinese taking jobs

2.2.3. wanted to limit future immigrants

2.2.4. CA legisl. approved immigrant taxes/fees

2.2.5. looked down on them for acting different

2.2.6. Sinophobia most were stereotyped art during time mocked the 'chinaman' (M) whites were against chinese bc they took jobs discrimination in certain establishments

3. Chinese Exclusion Act

3.1. Why

3.1.1. to limit immigrants

3.2. Results

3.2.1. Chinese-Americans tried to fight it but failed

3.2.2. more restrictions on other Asian immigration

3.2.3. Chinese immigration illegal in 1902

3.3. What

3.3.1. master of vessel knowingly brings an immigrant in = guilty (D)

3.3.2. relatives of Chinese still entered US (J)

3.4. End

3.4.1. repealed in a 1940 fire on AI

4. Angel Island

4.1. Before

4.1.1. people went to extremes to stay in US

4.1.2. studied questions to prep for interrogation (L)

4.2. Experience

4.2.1. Children (I) young girls were undressed inspected because officials didn't believe girls were actually female not usually interrogated

4.2.2. a lot of people were detained for long periods of time (K)

4.2.3. food was not good- caught and ate birds (K)

4.2.4. some immigrants about to be deported committed suicide (K)

4.3. After

4.3.1. most Chinese stayed in SF bay area

4.3.2. others moved away, even out of state

5. American Life for Chinese

5.1. Employment (J)

5.1.1. regarded as reliable and honest people

5.1.2. men paid 90 cents to a white mans $1.75-$6

5.1.3. most laborers works on factory ground

5.2. dealt with lots of racism

6. Non-US Migration

6.1. reasons

6.1.1. pretty much same as US

6.1.2. mostly went to america during IR

7. Australia

7.1. jobs

7.1.1. mostly areas of industry

7.1.2. farming

7.1.3. mines/fields