Alert Overview Needs analysis workshops

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Alert Overview Needs analysis workshops by Mind Map: Alert Overview Needs analysis workshops

1. Accounts

2. Private Individuals

3. Personal Finance Management

3.1. Overbudget

3.1.1. Track your debit* and credit card spending to stay within your budget With an Overbudget Alert, you'll know when a purchase goes over what you'd budgeted. That lets you make budget adjustments to bring things back in line.

3.2. Unusual Account Activity

3.2.1. With account monitoring, you'll know if there's any unusual spending. If you normally spend $50 per week on gas, an excessive charge made on a fuel credit card triggers an Unusual Account Activity Alert.

3.3. Coupon

3.3.1. Offer a coupon for a ceratin merchant where the client regulary buys (Orange deals) -new deals -expiring deals -cash back status

3.4. Saving goal alert

4. (Online) sales

4.1. reminders & confirmations for all online sales flows

5. Personal & Private banking

6. Commercial Banking+ professionals

7. Marketing/Customer information

7.1. Change in personal information

7.2. Mandate added

7.3. Anniversary mail

7.4. Welcome mail

7.4.1. new client registration process completed

8. Insurance

9. Loans

9.1. Simulation ended

9.1.1. reminder when a simulation for a mortgage was stopped before completion

9.2. Mortgage process alerts

9.2.1. Set of communications to guide customer through different states of the mortgage process: -Welcome -Documents received. -Doc. Incomplete. -Pending appraisal.…

9.3. Due date payment

9.3.1. Reminder about loan payment date

9.4. Activation of loan (sales flow)

9.4.1. Alerts to push the activation of loans requested by the clients

9.5. funds are relased

9.5.1. Weer een nieuwe voor Lending: We hebben momenteel een project Online Servicing Business Lending (Q42015) waarin we de klant de mogelijk gaan geven tot ‘release of funds’. Eenmaal de fondsen op de rekening staan, zouden we de klant hier graag over informeren via een alert of dergelijke.

9.6. Document available

9.6.1. Document center As a business stakeholder, I would like to that my client can choose the type/channel of notifcation he wants to be warned that the document is available/downloadable: - email - sms - Business'Bank message…

10. Security

11. Payments

11.1. Payment refused

11.1.1. When my payment has been blocked/refused

11.1.2. If a payment that was authorised by you has been paid even though you had insufficient funds...

11.1.3. direct debit rejected

11.2. High balance Alert

11.2.1. High Balance Alerts will let you know when to move excess money into a savings account.

11.3. "The Near Limit Alert or Low Balance Alert"

11.3.1. "You'll get a notification when an account that you choose drops below a certain amount. Based on the limits you have set. So, for example, you can set a limit of £200 and your closing balance is below this limit at the end of the day. Note: If you have debits due to go out of your account, you will need to have sufficient funds in your account before the close of the previous business day. "

11.4. Daily or Weekly Balance Alerts

11.4.1. "Balance alerts can be delivered daily or weekly for your checking and savings accounts and daily daily, weekly.They reflect the balance at the close of the previous business day and often the last 5 transactions. You can choose which day you receive your alert

11.5. ATM Withdrawal Greater Than (value from $1 – $1,000)

11.6. Limit Credit available

11.6.1. My available credit drops below a certain amount

11.7. Bill Payment Alerts

11.7.1. Get a reminder before a bill payment is due by selecting the bill and the date when you want an Alert.

11.8. Overdraft Alert

11.8.1. · Proactive alert when client doesn't have enough funds to pay planned standing orders and direct debits

11.9. Budget Reminder – Money Going Out (set for 1-5 days before)

11.10. Budget Reminder – Money Coming In (set for 1-5 days before)

11.11. Statement notification

11.12. Large Debit amount

11.12.1. When a payment is made from my account above a set limit amount (to be informed of all important payments)

11.13. Deposit Alerts

11.13.1. An alert for all deposits made to a specific account, or only deposits above an amount that you specify in customer preferences/alert set-up

11.13.2. Salary deposit alerts

11.14. Unusual Account Activity

11.15. Late Fees

11.15.1. Credit cards, utility payments and even cellphone bills can tack on late fees if bills aren't paid by a certain date. With a Late Fee Alert, a reminder is sent when your budget doesn't reflect a payment on time.

11.16. Purchase Alert

11.16.1. "Let us notify you when certain purchases are made on your banking and credit card accounts. Preferences: Purchase Greater Than (value from $1 – $1,000) •Gas Purchase Greater Than (value from $1 – $1,000)"

11.17. Online Statement

11.17.1. Online Statement – alerts you when your latest online statement is ready

11.18. kids transfer alert

11.18.1. alert when your child makes a transfer. Or Your child receives an alert when his ‘drinkgeld’ arrived

11.19. second signature

11.20. Payments done by minor/incapable

12. Cards

12.1. Limit Credit available

12.2. Daily or weekly Balance alerts

12.2.1. "Balance alerts can be delivered daily, weekly or monthly for your credit card accounts.They reflect the balance at the close of the previous business day and often the last 5 transactions. You choose which day you receive your alert, and you can change that day at any time"

12.3. Credit Card Payment Due / Credit Card Payment Received

12.3.1. Avoid late credit card payments with the Bill Payment Reminder alert so you’ll never be late for another payment. Receive automated reminders and confirmations each month – never be late with another payment.

12.4. P2P payment request

12.5. Wallet Alert

12.5.1. A card has been registered in your wallet

12.6. Credit card statement available

12.7. V. Hautcourt: I’ve spoken to Gilles today concerning a new PACS project. When the client does an online request for a credit card, we would like that he can sign his contract online (not AS IS). This means that when the application is approved by the backoffice, they can send a notification to the client stating that his contract is ready to be signed (online).

13. Investment

13.1. Stock Alert

13.1.1. Get an alert if the rate changes for a particular stock, or stock you own changes

13.2. Portfolio performance alerts

13.3. Certificate of deposit Maturity Alerts

13.4. Corporate action alerts

13.4.1. Alerts for all events generated by broker values​​, such as company splits, company acquisitions, payment of dividends, shareholder meetings,... etc. (email + web inbox)

13.5. Opening process alerts

13.5.1. Opening process alerts to push the activation of Mutual funds, Pension Plan and Broker, sending lessons to know how to manage IP (email + web inbox)

13.6. your investment report (portfolio overview) is available

13.7. lease up for renewal