Forces and structures

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Forces and structures by Mind Map: Forces and structures

1. Forms& functions

1.1. Form is what the structure looks like and what materials it is made of.

1.1.1. form: frame of house and function: people inside a house because it is a shelter

1.2. Functions is the purpose of the structures

2. External forces

2.1. External forces is when a force is applied from outside of a object.

2.1.1. Magnitude-is measure how strong the external forces is earthquake

2.1.2. Direction of force- direction of the force being applied a house in a tornado: represents door open tree falling on a structure show an external force affecting outside of structure

2.1.3. Point of application - the area where the force is being applied SOMEONE ON A BOX

2.1.4. Plane of application - a flat surface in which a force passes through box

3. Center of gravity

3.1. center of mass/where the weight is evenly spread and all sides must be even

3.1.1. example: a pyramid. the center of gravity is near the bottom. it is near the bottom because it has a very wide base.

3.2. cneter of gravity:

4. Internal forces

4.1. Internal forces are when something cause a object to move.

4.1.1. Compression

4.1.2. Torsion house in tornado shows compression- being pushed together, tension- it is pulling it apart, torsion- it is twisting the house, shear- it could break in half.

4.1.3. Tension

4.1.4. Shear

5. Types of structures

5.1. solid structure: an object that uses solid construction to support loads

5.2. solid structure: brick wall

5.3. frame structure: an open structure that uses shape to support something

5.4. frame structure: frame of a house

5.4.1. structure: a house. it's a frame structure because of the frame they build before they build the house. it is a shell structure because of the bricks used to build it. it is a shell structure because it is hollow but can still support load

5.5. shell structure: a hollow structure with a curved shape that can support a load

5.6. shell structure: bicycle helmet

5.7. combination structure: a combination of shell, frame, and solid structures

5.8. combination structure:

6. loads

6.1. live load: a moving weight added to a dead load

6.1.1. live load

6.2. dead load: constant load on a structure caused by its own weight

6.2.1. dynamic load: wind pushing on the structure, live load: the people inside house, dead load: the house itself

6.2.2. dead load

6.3. dynamic load: a live load on a structure

6.3.1. dynamic load: