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All About Us by Mind Map: All About Us

1. I want to loose 30 lbs. Chris Zirkle

2. I want to fund a comfortable retierment for my wife and I. Chris Zirkle

2.1. Skills

2.1.1. Goal

2.2. Goal

3. I want to move into a ID or Technology Facilitator position.Chris Zirkle

4. Business Goals

4.1. Goal

4.2. Goal

5. Family Goals

5.1. I want to stay happily married. Chris Zirkle

5.2. Goal

5.3. Goal

6. Health Goals

6.1. Goal

6.2. Goal

7. Hobbies

7.1. I love to soot photos and videos. Chris Zirkle

7.2. Idea

7.3. Idea

8. Friends

8.1. I would like to find a best friend. Chris Zirkle

8.2. Idea

8.3. Idea