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1. Christian resistance

1.1. Reconquest

1.1.1. Kingdoms of Asturias and León

1.1.2. Kingdom of Navarra, Aragonese counties and Catalan counties

2. Kingdom of Asturias

2.1. Battle of Covadonga, 722 - Pelayo

2.1.1. Cangas de Onis first capital

2.2. Oviedo capital, 808

2.2.1. Expansion of their territory

2.3. Alfonso III (866-910)

2.3.1. Period of maximum expansion

2.3.2. León became capital in 910 under García I Kingdom of León

3. Castile

3.1. It was a region in the eastern side of the Kingdom of León

3.1.1. Defensive area - plenty of castles

3.2. It was divided into counties

3.2.1. Fernán González united them - 930-970

3.3. 951 - Fernán González governed Castile independently, but as a vassal of León

3.4. 1028 - Fernando I last count, after him it turned into a Kingdom. From 1037 he was the King of León (until 1065)

4. The Pyrenean region

4.1. Common origin

4.1.1. Carolingian Empire, the Spanish March

4.2. Kingom of Navarre

4.2.1. Íñigo Arista Kingdom of Pamplona, beginning 9th C.

4.2.2. Jimena dynasty From the 10th C.

4.2.3. Sancho III the Great (1000-1035) the most powerful christian king in that moment, great expansion 1035 division of their territories into his sons García Sánchez III - Navarre Fernando I - Castile Ramiro I - Aragón Gonzalo I - Sobrabe and RIBAGORZA

4.3. Aragonese Counties

4.3.1. Aznar Galindo 820, Independence for Aragón

4.3.2. 922- Aragón was conquered by Navarre

4.3.3. 1035 - Independent under Ramiro I

4.4. Catalan Counties

4.4.1. Wilfred the Hairy He united the different counties in 874 Good relations with the Caliphate =stability Independence from the Carolingian kings in the 10th C.