My Foundation of Education

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My Foundation of Education by Mind Map: My Foundation of Education

1. School Privatization

2. Politics of Education

2.1. Conservative Perspective

2.1.1. William Graham Sumner Social evolution Strongest individuals survive Charles Darwin Progress dependant on individual initiative

2.1.2. Back to Basics Reform Strengthening of Literacy Traditional academic curriculum Minimum standards Free market/ school privatization

2.1.3. Educational problems Decline of Standards Decline of Cultural Literacy Decline of values Decline of authority

2.2. Liberal Perspective

2.3. Radical Perspective

2.4. Neo-liberal Perspective

2.5. Traditional Vision

2.5.1. Hard Work

2.5.2. Family Unity

2.5.3. Individual Initiative

3. Philosophy of Education

3.1. Idealist Philosophy

3.2. Created by Plato

3.2.1. Dialectic

3.3. Modern Idealists

3.3.1. St. Augustine

3.3.2. Descartes

3.3.3. Kant

3.3.4. Hegel

3.4. Goals of Education

3.4.1. Search for Truth as Indiv.

3.4.2. Education is Transformation

3.5. Role of Teacher

3.5.1. Analyze and Discuss Ideas

3.5.2. Dialectic Method

3.5.3. Active Role in Discussion Pose questions Select Materials Establishing Environment

3.5.4. Reminiscence Bring Out What is in Student's MInd

3.5.5. Moral Education

3.5.6. Teacher is Role Model

3.6. Method of Instruction

3.6.1. Active Part in Learning

3.6.2. Minimal Lecturing

3.6.3. Question Students

3.6.4. Encourage Discussion

3.6.5. Analyze, Synthesize, and Apply to Society

3.6.6. Group and Individual work on Oral & Written Projects

3.7. Curriculum

3.7.1. Study of Classics

3.7.2. Solving Problems using the past

3.7.3. Great Books Curriculum

3.7.4. Back to Basics/ Three Rs

3.7.5. Paideia Proposal

4. History of U.S. Education

4.1. Standards Era of Reform

4.1.1. A Nation at Risk Reagan Admin Terrel Bell New Basics Schools expect more More time teaching new basics Strengthening of teacher prep Elected officials fund reform

4.1.2. Bill Clinton's Goals 2000

4.1.3. G.W. Bush's No Child Left Behind

4.1.4. Barack Obama's Race to the Top

5. Sociological Perspectives

5.1. Functional Theory

5.1.1. Emile Durkheim Moral Education The Evolution of Educational Thought Education and Sociology

5.1.2. Interdependence of the social system

5.1.3. Parts are integrated with each other

5.1.4. Society is a machine

5.1.5. Consensus is the normal state

5.1.6. Schools Socialize students

6. Schools as Organizations

6.1. Nature of Teaching

6.1.1. Teachers have many roles

6.1.2. Role switching causes burnout

6.1.3. Dealing with students as a class & indiv.

6.1.4. Links btwn teaching & learning

6.2. Professionalization

6.2.1. Professional autonomy difficult to gain

6.2.2. Role of professional / bureaucrat

6.2.3. Center for Educational Renewel

6.2.4. Teachers have role in decisions in schools/ attain professionalization

7. Curriculum and Pedagogy

7.1. Major Stakeholders

7.1.1. State Senator/ Joey Hensley

7.1.2. State Rep./ Barry Doss

7.1.3. State Executive Board Dir./ Dr. Sara Heyburn

7.1.4. District Rep. / Lonnie Roberts

7.1.5. Director of Lawrence Co. Schools/ Bill Heath

7.1.6. School board rep./ Larry Davis

7.2. Humanist Curriculum

7.2.1. Reflects idealist philosophy

7.2.2. Traditional Liberal Arts/ Cornerstone

7.2.3. Focus on Western heritage

8. Equality of Opportunity

8.1. Special Needs Students

8.1.1. Education of All Handicapped Children Law Right to Public Ed. Individualization of Services Least restrictive environment Scope of Broadened Services General guidelines for identifying disability Primary State/ Local Responsibilities

8.1.2. Regular Education Initiative Mainstreaming Children w/Disabilities Inclusion

9. Educational Inequality

9.1. School Financing

9.1.1. Revenue from State & Local Tax, Federal Funds

9.1.2. Property tax/ More money in more affluent neighborhoods

9.1.3. Serrano v. Priest unequal financing unconstitutional

9.1.4. Morality of Unequal School Financing

9.1.5. Unequal Achievement