Jing Amy Roberts

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Jing Amy Roberts by Mind Map: Jing Amy Roberts

1. Program Details

1.1. Screen Casting Program

1.1.1. Capture Images Select image or page Click on Jing

1.1.2. Create Videos Select page or site to video click Jing icon Have used this in the past. It was confusing at first, then it became easier once you use it a couple of times. AYoungfleish

1.2. Sharing Jing

1.2.1. Save files to computer to flashdrive I know when I was saving the file that it was difficult at times since the professor wanted a certain format. Also certain formats will not upload on certain sites. AYoungfleish

1.2.2. Screencast.com Create URL Free account to save all history

2. How to install

2.1. Compatable with Windows and Mac OS X

2.2. http://www.jingproject.com

2.3. Click on download now

2.3.1. choose format option Follow instructions in window Easy to follow instructions Free Version Save files Paid Version Save files

2.3.2. Is this a safe download? Blocks pop-ups Always a chance of virus

3. Education Enhancement

3.1. Teaching Learning Process

3.1.1. Training through school What is the cost to train? We learned in our previous course through tutorials - so perhaps teachers could be required to watch tutorials vs. traditional professional learning workshops. DDeVido Cost vs. Value? Talk about FAQ

3.1.2. Enhance teacher lesson plans Provide feedback and assessments After students watch a jing presentation, how would you check for understanding or receive feed back? RHunte Discuss difficult concepts Discuss misconceptions

3.1.3. ISTE-Teacher Inspire learning Live demonstrations Promote digital citizenship and responsibility Model digital age learning

3.1.4. Engage in professional growth and development

3.2. Student Learning Process

3.2.1. Use of multiple resources

3.2.2. ISTE-Students Communication and collaboration Technology concepts Critical thinking and problem solving Creativity and innovation

3.2.3. Student engagement Successful learning Understanding Knowledge

3.2.4. Prepare for career or higher education

4. Collaboration

4.1. Jing is a great tool when used for instruction for students. RHunte

4.1.1. How to? videos RHunte

4.1.2. Project instructions RHunte

4.2. Sorry...for some reason I deleted my collaboration part. ARoberts

4.3. Through sending videos

4.3.1. Social purposes

4.3.2. Classrooms for students to watch videos that may otherwise be blocked

4.3.3. Teacher collaboration and training/learning

4.4. Through instruction use

4.4.1. Teachers can use Jing to create a hands on explaination of how to vidoes for students

4.4.2. Students can create projects explaining concepts and ideas using various websites while recording their voices.

4.5. Can even be used to send pictures

5. Who can use Jing?

5.1. Most any age group

5.1.1. K-12 grade and beyond

5.2. Professional business people

5.3. Educators

5.3.1. I have already made great use of Jing in my student teaching! DDeVido

5.3.2. I, as an educator have had the experience to use Jing. It is a great tool to know how to use. ABoone

5.4. Anyone wanting to share socially

5.5. Everyday people. Jing is helpful when planning and structuring. Hunte

6. I went to edit you map and add something, but I really could not find anything new to add. I thought maybe since I have used Jing before I would have something to add to your map. You did a great job with your map. I did not see anything new I needed to add. I have only used Jing a few times, but I thought it was a lot of fun experimenting with. ABoone