Shaman Aujla

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Shaman Aujla by Mind Map: Shaman Aujla

1. Sikh

1.1. Personally, I do not follow every single rule and have all the 5 K's, but I do follow the morals, values, and some traits of a SIkh.

1.2. I am also vegeterian, and that is important in being considered a Sikh.

1.3. Seva (volunteering) a form of free service to help out without pay. Further elevates my spiritual level because selfish service is important for a Sikh

2. Interests

2.1. Video Games

2.1.1. League of Legends (MMO)

2.1.2. Counter Strike (First Person Shooter)

2.1.3. Portal 2

2.2. Praying

2.3. Volleyball

2.4. Badminton

3. Motivation

3.1. Extrinsic

3.1.1. A activity I enjoy a lot is called League of Legends, a MMO video game. I play the game because I am in it for being the best in ranking, skill, and cosmetics. I play the game for the rewards, but not for my own enjoyment.

3.2. Instrinsic

3.2.1. I love to do "Simran", which is a type of prayer. Basically chanting gods name "Waheguru" repeatedly, This type of prayer helps calm my mind and release negative energy.

3.3. Drive Reduction

3.3.1. One of my biggest concern is gaining muscle and improving my lifestyle. Eating healthier and limiting an excess of bad junk food. Thus, improving my choice of food, and gaining muscle

3.4. Optimal Arousal

3.4.1. I do lots of jogging and meditating to stay optimally Aroused. It helps control my heart and keep it healthy. As well as elevate and calm me down.

3.5. Incentive

3.5.1. One of my favourite incentives is getting riot point cards after getting good grades, A riot point card is a from of virtual currency use to buy in game cosmetics like characters, skins, and customize champions.

3.6. Cognitive

3.6.1. At the start of any semester, a new year, or even a new class. All it takes is one bad grade that demotivates me to not do any better.

3.7. Maslow's Hierachy of Needs

3.7.1. My need for drinking water has to be met before playing video games. Otherwise the loss of water from my eyes is to great that I cannot game for long periiods

4. Social Identity

4.1. Canadian

4.1.1. Celebrate western holidays like Christmas with family

4.2. Personality

4.2.1. Sensitive

4.2.2. Compassionate

4.2.3. Energeitc

4.2.4. Mature

5. Memory

5.1. Semantic

5.1.1. A personal example of my Semantic memory is the ability to remember the dates and events of programs about Sikhism. For example, the "Sahedi" program that happens once every month and changes based on each month.

5.2. Procedural

5.2.1. Typing is one of main procedural activities. At first typing was difficult and I constantly looked at the screen. Now I am faster, efficient, and type at a rate of 90 WPM.

5.3. Episodic

5.3.1. An example of Episodic memory is the time I went to "Hazhoor Sahib", in India. I learned a great deal about Sikhism. I vividly remember the evening prayers, the "seva" (volunteering), and most importantly I became Vegetarian. Hence, making it a clear example of Episodic memory.

6. Mood Disorder

6.1. addiction

6.1.1. One of the things I'm really addicted to is video games. I am so immersed in video games that I forget the time, and my homework.

6.1.2. Another addiction of mine is drinking lots of pop. For example, coke, ice tea, and especially ginger ale

6.2. Anxiety

6.2.1. I am very nervous when confronting new people or a new social group which causes me to tap my foot rapidly.

6.3. Eating

6.3.1. Binging I sometimes tend to binge a lot more food than I can handle. Indian foods such as gobhi, saag, and Rasmalae.

7. Stress

7.1. Positive

7.1.1. I have lots of stress regarding school and my job. I have certain performance and goals that I want to reach, but the stress only motivates me to push harder and achieve these goals.

7.2. Negative

7.2.1. school School stress regarding grades can also put me down more and therefore influence my performance a negative waySchool stress regarding grades can also put me down more and therefore influence my performance a negative way.

7.2.2. Job Having two jobs puts an astounding ammount of pressure for me in school