Dawn-Marie DeVido "Edmodo"

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Dawn-Marie DeVido "Edmodo" by Mind Map: Dawn-Marie DeVido "Edmodo"

1. It's Free!!

1.1. Can be accessed from a computer, but there is a free app for mobile devices, making it very easy for the class to stay connected provided they have a phone/tablet/etc

1.1.1. Most school districts do not allow the use of cell phones because of other issues (taking pics and recording). ARoberts

1.1.2. Could be accessible from iPads if schools have access to technology.ARoberts

1.2. Very easy to navigate, it is a mirror image of Facebook

1.2.1. Helpful if you know how to navigate it. AYoungfleish

1.3. Can still be personal, does not take the place of phone calls or meetings but allows the parent to remain active

1.3.1. Great way to include parents on the educational process of students. ARoberts

2. Progress monitoring

2.1. The teacher has the ability to monitor student progress and student interaction

2.1.1. Good for ISTE-Teacher and Student standards. ARoberts

2.2. Teacher is able to join other professional groups, as well as invite the administration so they can monitor it as well

2.2.1. Great way to include all educators. ARoberts

2.2.2. Great tool for educational training. ARoberts

2.2.3. Helps establish a PLN- RHunte

2.3. Students can see their own progress throughout the class

2.3.1. A benefit to engage students and provide individual responsibility. ARoberts

2.3.2. Great for parents as well! AYoungfleish

3. Brings the classroom into the home

3.1. Should a student be absent, they have the ability to take quizzes, as the teacher is able to upload a quiz to the page

3.1.1. Would this be fair? How would it be monitores? ARoberts Agree, only worksheets should be accessible, not quizzes or tests. Students can then cheat, look up questions. AYoungfleish I can see the problem with adding a test or quiz might cause, but remember, not all quizzes and tests are closed book. -E. Donnelly

3.2. If a teacher has assigned homework, or a project they are able to highlight that so the students/parents can see it standing out from the rest of the posts

3.2.1. All of this can be added by the teacher from their home should the teacher be absent. This relieves pressure off of substitutes to hold the students accountable for their work It should be cautioned to not assume all teachers and students have access from their homes. ARoberts I agree that technology has many upsides to it, but what about those who live in rural areas? I am currently doing my student teaching in an area like this where technology is not really an option for the school or families (in homes). How would one make sure that all were included? I do believe that Edmodo is a great tool, but I believe this would be something that one would best implement in more urban settings than rural settings. Even though not all students have access to computers at their own homes, their local public library will have a computer accessible to them. I know its not the perfect solution, but it is a solution. E. Donnelly This could also be helpful when students are absent. R.Hunte Makes students responsible for keeping up with the rest of the class as well. AYoungfleish

3.2.2. This will help keep parents informed. Within education, parents have become increasingly involved. RHunte

3.2.3. This will help reinforce school work at home. If parents are informed, they can help the teacher do work outside of the classroom walls RHunte

3.2.4. I love the idea of this! This way students could never say that they did not know that they had a homework assignment or did not see it. VM

3.3. Should the teacher need to poll the students/parents on anything, there is a way for the teacher to do that, and read the responses

3.3.1. Teacher can also upload any links, files, worksheets or reading assignments to the "Library" section of the page More accountability, which is important in 21st Century learning Can use with Google Docs Good to know! VM Should the teacher need any resources, they can navigate through the "Discover" portion of the website. Same goes for students Easier than looking through Google then going back to the site. AYoungfleish

3.3.2. I like that the parents can get involved as well. This may be a great way for the teacher to get the parents involved in the students learning. VM

4. Provides private site for each individual class

4.1. Teacher must invite the class to the group

4.1.1. This is great for secure purposes. ARoberts

4.2. Students in one class cannot see other classes site

4.2.1. Good and not. Teachers and parents could see what the other classes are doing in comparison. It also then keeps things private. AYoungfleish

4.3. Allows teacher to completely control content

4.3.1. Very important for learning success. ARoberts

4.4. I like that it allows it to be a private site for each individual class. This will allow the teacher to be able to organize the individual classes and what they are posting VM