My Film Opening Synopsis

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My Film Opening Synopsis by Mind Map: My Film Opening Synopsis

1. Location (Mise En Scene)

1.1. Houghton House

1.1.1. As shown, this is an building which has turned into ruins, this abandoned place will be used in the first part of my film opening where the protagonists are shown already being held captive and are left there by the antagonist. The victims are shown with duct tape on their hands and are smothered in blood where one escapes at this point one of the victim has already been tormented so much by the antagonist it has led to death.

1.2. Marston Vale Field

1.2.1. I will use this location for the second scene. As briefly mentioned above, one of the victims escape and run towards the field in attempt to get help- this gives a sense of hope. The film then rewinds back to the opening scene, and this is when they are walking through the field getting to the location. This is also the scene where they establish the real intentions of the antagonist.

2. Cinematography

2.1. Close up

2.1.1. This will be used in order to capture the protagonists facial expressions.

2.2. Extreme Long Shot

2.2.1. This will be used to establish the location and show their isolation.

2.3. Tracking Shot

2.3.1. This will be used to follow the protagonist when she is attempting to escape the antagonist.

2.4. Panning Shot

2.4.1. This shot will be used to establish the setting.

2.5. Long Shot

2.5.1. This will be used for the same effect as the extreme long shot and also establish the costumes of all characters.

2.6. Extreme Close Up

2.6.1. This will be used to capture the intentions and emotions of both the protagonists and the antagonists. This will also be used to show how the antagonist has tormented the victims.

2.7. Medium Shot

2.7.1. This will be used to show the posture of the characters.

2.8. High Angle/Low Angle Shot

2.8.1. This specific shot will be used to show who is the most dominant in every shot and who is superior and inferior in the scene.

2.9. Tilted Angle

2.9.1. This will be used to show the abnormality and to foreshadow that something is going to happen.

2.10. Over The Shoulder Shot

2.10.1. This shot is used to create fear for the audience as the victim/s is attacked.

2.11. Point Of View Shot

2.11.1. This will be used to see from the victims/attackers perspective.

3. Conventions

3.1. Location

3.1.1. This helps the audience establish the setting of the film, and the location.

3.1.2. Stereotypes An abandoned place An isolated area Woods Cabins

3.1.3. Uses a variety of shots, including many establishing shots. Panning shot Wide shot Point of view shot

3.2. Music

3.2.1. Dramatic Music This keeps the audience off ease, this is because it creates enigma and mystery as audience expect something to happen. The variation of the volume creates tension. Foreshadows that something is going to happen Helps establish the scene

3.3. Pace

3.3.1. The pace gives a indication of what is going to happen for example the two variations of pace help establish very different things

3.3.2. Slow pace This gives the audience an idea that something bad is going to happen, this is because it is slow and dramatic making it very intense. This is normally used to give the impression that the protagonists are being followed.

3.3.3. Fast pace This is normally used when there is a chase between the antagonist and the protagonist. This gives the audience an adrenaline rush and gets them excited as they expect something to happen. This would be when leading to a climax.

3.4. Theme

3.4.1. Colour themes are mostly red, black and other generic dark colours. Connotations of colours Evil Death Absence Mystery

3.5. Weapons

3.5.1. Stereotypical Weapons Guns Knives

3.5.2. Supernatural powers These are generically used by the "demon" or devil that is possessing a household or person.

3.6. Death

3.6.1. Victims being killed, or the antagonist being killed as a type of "plot twist"

3.6.2. All victims die

3.6.3. Death of all

3.7. Villians

3.7.1. The antagonist

3.7.2. Could be a victim that's the antagonist all along "Plot twist"

3.7.3. Stereotypically a male

3.8. Victim/s

3.8.1. Stereotypical for it to be female/s

4. Settings

4.1. An isolated greenery

4.1.1. The fact that it is isolated is very generic for the horror genre, this makes it realistic as the antagonist would not want anyone to know what he is doing.

4.1.2. Large greenery and big hills and fields are normally associated as a happy thing, so the fact that all this violent and traumatic things are happening there throws the audience off ease.

4.2. An old deserted building

4.2.1. This is generically used in horror films.

4.2.2. This creates a more dangerous atmosphere and gets the audience feeling scared. This creates a sense of abandonment and makes the victims feel as if they are alone.

5. Costume (Mise En Scene)

5.1. Antagonist

5.1.1. The antagonist would wear the following:

5.1.2. Black shoes

5.1.3. Black hoodie

5.1.4. I will challenge the stereotype by making my antagonist by making him wear jeans. I have done this because the antagonist is so sadistic that he does not care if he is caught in doing this. He's doing it for the thrill and has no worry about being caught as he's doing it for his pleasure.

5.2. Protagonist/s

5.2.1. The following victims will be wearing:

5.2.2. Victim one:

5.2.3. A black short sleeve top

5.2.4. A skirt

5.2.5. Lace tights

5.2.6. Boots

5.2.7. Victim two:

5.2.8. A black short dress

5.2.9. A jacket

5.2.10. Light shaded tights

5.2.11. Heeled boots

5.2.12. Victim three:

5.2.13. A jacket

5.2.14. A white top

5.2.15. A skirt

5.2.16. Tights

5.2.17. Heeled Boots

5.2.18. I have not challenged any stereotypes with the victims. They all dressed as if they are going to a party. They are teenagers who have tried to dress older.

6. Props (Mise En Scene)

6.1. Duct Tape

6.1.1. This will be used in order to keep the victims hostage and stationary, restricting them from escaping and making any sounds.

6.2. Knife

6.2.1. This will be used to torment the victims and injure/killing them.

6.3. Matchstick box and matchstick

6.3.1. This will be shown at the beginning, when there is darkness and the victim is outside secluded from everyone/everything she finds the matchbox again and lights it up.

6.4. Chair

6.4.1. This will be used to keep the victims in place. The victims will be on the chair, so the antagonist can kill them and torment them

6.5. Fake blood

6.5.1. This will be used on the victim to show they have been injured/killed.

7. Lighting (Mise En Scene)

7.1. Low Key Lighting

7.2. Dark

7.3. Gloomy

7.4. Unilluminated

7.5. Monotone

8. Characters (Mise En Scene)

8.1. Female victim/s

8.1.1. I have intentionally chosen female victims as the victim is generically a girl, this is because girls are seem to be weak and vulnerable especially towards a male which is meant to be stronger and more dominant. Woman are seen to be inferior to males therefore I used a female. The lack of strength against the male would make the victim look powerless.

8.2. Male antagonist

8.2.1. I have used a male to be the villain as they are also generically used in horror films as they are perceived as being stronger than a female. Males are shown to be bigger than females and more violent this will be shown in my film opening as although there are four victims, the male overpowers them all.

9. Editing

9.1. Cuts

9.1.1. I will use fast cuts as this will be to empathize on whats happening for example to create tension and suspense.

9.2. Transitions

9.2.1. I will only use cross dissolves and fades as I feel these are the two that are suitable for my production as they look the most professional. Black fades also help show time passing which is relevant due to my plot.

9.3. Slow Paced

9.3.1. Victims are being watched

9.3.2. Victim dying

9.4. Fast Paced

9.4.1. The victim is escaping

10. Diegesis

10.1. Diegetic

10.1.1. Heavy breathing

10.1.2. Footsteps (running)

10.1.3. Talking between victims

10.1.4. Ringtone of phone

10.2. Non-Diegetic

10.2.1. Soundtrack There will be a soundtrack playing throughout varying from low to high to create tension and to add a dramatic effect when needed. Loud when victim is running Loud when antagonist is approaching Quieter when victims are talking

10.2.2. Sound effects Bangs When knife is shown, a high pitched sound Scream- when the victim is found and attacked

10.2.3. The pace of the music will change depending on what is occurring in the scene.

11. plot

11.1. Scene one

11.1.1. Set in an abandoned house.

11.1.2. The scene starts with the final scene which will be re-winded to show how it come to what is shown.

11.1.3. The scene starts with the victims all cooped up, injured and suffering, one victim has managed to get the duct tape off of her mouth and is free and is planning to run for help.

11.1.4. The victim runs and trips and the antagonist comes and drags her, the scene is then re-winded.

11.2. Scene two

11.2.1. The scene is set in an isolated field.

11.2.2. The four protagonists are shown walking up the field talking and laughing.

11.2.3. The victims all recieve a text messaging telling them why they are there and what is going to happen to them

11.2.4. They all look panicked as their face is shown individually and the antagonist approaches