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Person Schema Standards Ontology/Taxonomy by Mind Map: Person Schema
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Person Schema Standards Ontology/Taxonomy



eduPerson (200806), eduPersonAffiliation 0..n, faculty, student, staff, alum, member, affiliate, employee, library-walk-in, eduPersonNickname 0..n, eduPersonOrgDN, eduPersonOrgUnitDN 0..n, eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation 0..1, eduPersonPrincipalName 0..1, eduPersonEntitlement 0..n, eduPersonPrimaryOrgUnitDN 0..1, eduPersonScopedAffiliation 0..1, eduPersonTargetedID 0.. n, eduPersonAssurance 0..n

XML Schema


institution, @ldapURI, @securityDomain, @telephoneNo, @facsimileNo, @contactEmail, @mainURI, @staffListURI, @libraryPortalURI, @admissionsURI, @libraryCatalogueURI, postalAddress

individual, @givenName, @initials, @labeledURI, @mail, @manager, @preferredLanguage, @seeAlso, @sn, @street, @title, @uid, @uniqueIdentifier, @x500UniqueIdentifier, @eduPersonTargetedID, standardisedIdentifier, @form, eduPersonNickname, description, displayName, facsimileTelephoneNumber, homePhone, homePostalAddress, jpegPhoto, mobile, pager, postalAddress, postalCode, postOfficeBox, telephoneNumber, userCertificate, userPassword, userSMIMECertificate



categoryGroup, category, @type, @subtype, @coding, HESA, 03011/036 Good standing marker, 03011/041 General Qualification Aim of Student, 03011/043 Subject of Qualification aim, 03011/053 Teacher training course identifier, 03011/070 Mode of study, 03011/072 Year of programme, 03013/013 Subject of study 1, 03013/016 Subject of study 2, 03025/015 Academic discipline 1, 03026/006 Terms of Employment, 03026/007 Mode of Employment, 03026/008 Academic Employment Function, 03026/011 Grade Structure, 03026/012 Senior Management Post Holder, ILR, A09 Learning aim reference, A14 Reason for partial or full non - payment of tuition fees1, A15 Programme type, A26 Sector framework of learning, A34 Completion status, A44 Placement employer name, UKeduPerson, alumnus, authorised, contractor, honorary, member, visitor, consortium, Local?, @uri, @furtherinfo, categoryValue, @encodedValue