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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. familly

1.1. mom

1.1.1. She always made sure I was working hard and kept me busy learning new things if I had the ambittion.

1.2. sister

1.2.1. She is one of my biggest role models as she inspired me to embrace who I am find what I enjoy.

1.3. dad

1.3.1. He supported me through all of my life and cared for my whole family and kept up with what I wanted to do and helped me figure out how to do so.

1.4. Never give up on my endeavores and be myself.

2. CFS

2.1. Tanveer

2.1.1. He has kept me company and influeced me to keep conversations going.

2.2. Saaif

2.2.1. He influences me to play some competetive gaming.

2.3. Stout

2.3.1. He has influenced me on my feet from slacking off with the difficult work and constant studying I have to do.

2.4. Korb

2.4.1. He has influenced me to be motivated to be creative and learn new methods of art for future projects.

2.5. Keep alert and prepared for next chllenges.

3. extended familly

3.1. Grandma

3.1.1. She has always been kind and caring and supportive of any action my sister or I chose although I can not spend as much time with her as I would like she has influenced me to use time preciously.

3.2. Lucia

3.2.1. She has helped my familly with any issues we may have and keeps us up with other info on our extended familly, she has influenced me to help my parents when they may need some.

3.3. Keep informed and enjoy the moment.

4. friends from old town

4.1. Brandon

4.1.1. He was one of my first best friends and we were inseperable, although I havent kept up with him recently we had so many great memories together and I was influenced to be a great person

4.2. Nectali

4.2.1. He influenced me to get me more into other sports and I felt more involved.

4.3. David

4.3.1. He was one of my friends who influenced me out of a cocoon and helped me embrace my sense of humor.

4.4. Danny

4.4.1. He really influenced me into gaming and other games that made up my whole childhood and was one of my few friends I was able to hang out with at one anothers homes.

4.5. Don't be affraid to do something new and be your self.