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Squared Away Digital by Mind Map: Squared Away Digital

1. Business Continuity

1.1. DR Plan Smart Group

2. Evolution Battersea

2.1. ExpoE

2.1.1. Manage Bandwidth EtherLive/Hawthorns

2.1.2. Armoured cable Trunking

2.1.3. Terminate and Test Internet Handoff

3. Kaseya

3.1. VSA

3.1.1. e-mail change

3.2. BMS

3.2.1. e-mail change

4. squaredawaydigital

4.1. CloudFlare https:// issue

5. New Business

5.1. BAT Foundation - Drug Free Alzheimer’s Table Tennis Therapy Bounce

5.2. Aspreys

5.3. Joey (Head of IT) External Position

5.4. Research becoming a NOMINET Registrar


6.1. SPF

6.1.1. Write SPF Key generator for O365

6.2. DKIM

6.2.1. Write DKIM Key generator for O365

6.3. Document DMARC Process for SmartGroup and O365

7. Smart Group

7.1. Bierfest

7.1.1. EASILY theedinburghbierfest.com dublinbierfest.co.uk dublinbierfest.com glasgowbierfest.co.uk glasgowbierfest.com liverpoolbierfest.com londonbierfest.co.uk manchesterbierfest.com thecelticbierfest.co.uk thecelticbierfest.com theedinburghbierfest.co.uk theglasgowbierfest.co.uk thehighlandbierfest.co.uk theliverpoolbierfest.co.uk theliverpoolbierfest.com thelondonbierfest.co.uk thelondonbierfest.com themanchesterbierfest.co.uk theglasgowbierfest.com thehighlandbierfest.com themanchesterbierfest.com

7.1.2. IMG MARCARIA GODADDY Bierfest Mailboxes thelondonbierfest.com