Using Copyrighted Works

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Using Copyrighted Works by Mind Map: Using Copyrighted Works

1. What is Copyright Law?

1.1. Intellectual property

1.1.1. Creations of the mind

1.1.2. divided into two catergories industrial property copyright

2. When can you use someone else's work?

2.1. Identify the three basic conditions for legal use of your work

2.1.1. when copyright has expired and the work is considered public domain

2.1.2. when permission has been obtained from the original author or current copyright holder

2.1.3. when utilization of the work qualifies for the Fair Use exemption

3. What is public domain

3.1. For recent works after 1978, copyright protection expires automatically 70 years after death of the original author

3.2. Any work published prior to 1923 is considered a public domain

4. What is Fair Use?

4.1. Fair use is an important provision in Section 107 of the current Copyright Law that states that under certain,conditions, copyrighted works may be used for teaching,research, scholarship, criticism, journalism, parody,and similar purposes without permission of from the copyright holders

5. The Teach Act

5.1. The Technology, Education, and copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act of 2002

5.1.1. was designed primarily to address the need for clarification of permissible uses of copyrighted works in distance learning contexts.

5.2. is also applicable to blended learning environments, where content and experiences, where contents and environments, where content and experiences supplemental to face to face instruction are available to students online