Unit 2: The Weather

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Unit 2: The Weather by Mind Map: Unit 2: The Weather

1. Problems

1.1. It may be quite difficult to find different weather conditions or be at the right place at the right time to catch the best shots.

1.2. Make sure you try to be extremely observant to show the impacts of the weather.

2. Look at different artists

2.1. Rust

2.1.1. Jazz Green

2.1.2. Barbara Heide

2.2. Weather

2.2.1. Jim Reed

2.2.2. David Mayhew

2.3. Erosion

2.3.1. Claire Sawdon

2.3.2. Glyn Edemnds

3. Take a photo everyday of the weather

3.1. One always taken from the same location

3.2. Take a picture of all different weather conditions

3.3. Take photos of all different items that are 'weathered'

4. What to do with the photos after they have been produced.

4.1. Print out photos and leave them in the sun to fade.

4.2. Print out photos and leave them in the rain to be altered naturally by the weather.

5. Number of photoshoots

5.1. All depend on the actual weather and what it is like

5.1.1. Same weather could occur meaning only a certain number of photos can be taken.

5.1.2. 1st photoshoot: Saturday 14th February: Focus firstly on the weather then on objects in the surrounding areas that are particularly weathered.

5.1.3. 2nd photoshoot: Monday 16th February: Hopefully the weather is different so I can photograph different weather conditions and also photograph weathered items in a different area.

5.1.4. 3rd photoshoot: Wednesday 18th February: Varying weather conditions and another area of weathered objects.

5.1.5. 4th photoshoot: Friday 20th February: Focus completely on the objects which have been affected by the weather

5.1.6. 5th photoshoot: Sunday 22nd February: Put all of the images together and pick my favourite ones and edit them?

5.2. Plan for images to be taken on 7-8th February- practise photoshoot

5.2.1. Take at least 20 images of the actual weather.

5.2.2. Take at least 20 images of the impacts of the weather.

6. Location of different photoshoots

6.1. London

6.1.1. Big Uk city Quite a lot of weathering- lots of metal items to rust

6.2. Swanage?

6.2.1. Small Uk town Possible coastal erosion

6.3. Florida?

6.3.1. Completely different environment Possible different type of weathering More weathering by items fading from sunlight?

7. Shows the difference that the weather makes

7.1. Bright blue skies

7.1.1. Good mood

7.2. Cloudy skies

7.2.1. Sadness/ mood change

7.3. Raining

7.3.1. Depression

8. Evidence that something has happened to an object due to the weather.

8.1. Erosion

8.1.1. Dirt/ objects with holes in them.

8.2. Rust

8.2.1. Orangey/ red tinge to an item or the paintwork on it is going bubbly which means rust is forming

8.3. Puddles

8.3.1. Natural occurrences that are taken for granted or hated

9. Cyanotypes of shadows