English Colonies

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English Colonies by Mind Map: English Colonies

1. Middle Colonies

1.1. New Jersey

1.1.1. The English founded this colony

1.1.2. split off from New York to form a colony of its own

1.1.3. King Charles II gave it to his brother

1.1.4. had the same populace as New York

1.1.5. became a royal colony in 1702

1.2. Delaware

1.3. New York

1.3.1. The Dutch founded this colony

1.3.2. King Charles II gave it to his brother

1.3.3. The Dutch used this colony as a trade hub

1.3.4. The colony's population was made up of french, portugese, swedish, as well as english puritans

1.3.5. The colony had a very low dutch population for it to be a dutch colony

1.4. Pennsylvania

1.4.1. English Quacker founded this colony

1.4.2. THe quacker wanted to escape their persacution