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Hawai'i: A World Apart by Mind Map: Hawai'i: A World Apart
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Hawai'i: A World Apart


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timeline: history of Hawaii

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overview of history

Art Gsllery, John Melville Kelly

history, begins sometime in..., 800 CE, with..., more radical theories, placing the..., earliest Polynesian settlers, to the..., 10th century CE, Tahitian explorers, find and began settling the area as well, 1200 CE, so, becomes the rise of the..., Hawaiian civilization, separated from the rest of the world for another..., 500 years, until..., the arrival of..., the British

discovery, Captain James Cook, arrives in the..., Hawaiian Islands, 1778, European military technology, arrives in..., Hawai'i, within..., five years, ... of contact, helps..., Kamehameha I, ... conquer most of the people, so, eventually unifies the islands for the first time, establishing the..., Kingdom of Hawai'i, concept, guns and microbes the spearhead of Western civilization

Kingdom of Hawai'i, prosperous and important for..., its agriculture, strategic location in..., the Pacific, American immigration, begins almost immediately after..., European contact, led by..., Protestant missionaries, concept, best way to destroy a society, is to destroy..., its gods, plantation farming for sugar, requires..., extensive labor, concept, drag of cheap labor on technology, implications, is Hawai'i slow to develop a..., high tech economy, in part because of..., its tradition of a commodity-based economy?, sugar, pineapple, did..., brutish labor conditions on cane plantations, inhibit..., labor agitation, the development of expectations and new ideas for the economy and a better life?, Stories, slavery a drag on the economy, analogy, economic and social effects slavery in the..., Roman Empire, immigrants, several waves, come from..., Japan, China, the Philippines, meaning, the beginnings of Hawai'i's multicultural society, concept, diversity is society’s greatest asset, native population, begins to decline steadily from..., disease, from ..., 800,000 - 1.2 million, 1770s, to..., 60,000, 1850s, to..., 24,000, 1920, to..., 7,000, 2016, concept, guns and microbes the spearhead of Western civilization, Americans, within..., the kingdom government, rewrite..., the constitution, why, to severely curtail..., the power of..., King David Kalākaua, the rights of, Native Hawaiians, Asian citizens, ... to vote, concept, the alien enemy within, Queen Liliu'okalani, attempts to restore..., the old royal powers, 1893, concept, reviving the old order, overthrown by..., businessmen, with help from the..., U.S. military, concept, unholy alliance of..., big business, the military, analogy, anticipates Eisenhower's warning of..., the perils of the military-industrial complex, concept, government hostage to the moneyed interests, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo

Republic of Hawaii, Art Gallery, Harry Wishard, is formed for a short time until..., the government, agrees to join the..., United States, 1898, as the..., Territory of Hawaii, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo

American territory, Pres. William McKinley, March, 1897, a Republican expansionist, succeeds..., Democrat..., Cleveland, in the..., White House, prepares a..., treaty of annexation, needs a..., 2/3 majority in..., the Senate, enough Democrats, ... are opposed to block it, joint resolution to annex Hawai'i, passed, how, needs only.., majority support, written by..., Republican Congressman..., Francis G. Newlands, Newlands Resolution, which annexes..., Hawai'i, July 7, 1898, so, creates the..., Territory of Hawaii, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo, signed by..., the president, war with..., Spain, ... breaks out, many leaders, point to the..., urgent need for..., Pearl Harbor, Pu'uloa, why, if the..., United States, is to be..., a Pacific power, able to protect the..., West Coast, Japan, 1897, sends..., warships, to Hawai'i to oppose..., annexation of Hawai'i by the United States, talk of ..., invasion, so, the prospect of annexation of Hawai'i by..., Japan, ... makes the decision even more urgent, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo, Hawaiian Organic Act, 22 February, 1900, establishes a..., territorial government, so, regarded as illegal in the opinion of..., annexation opponents, who believe..., the Queen, is..., the only legitimate ruler, no one listens, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo, appoints..., Sanford Dole, as..., territorial governor, so, territorial legislature, ... convenes for the first time, February 20, 1901, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo, Hawaiians, form the..., Hawaiian Independent Party, under..., the leadership of..., Robert Wilcox, Hawai'i's first congressional delegate, Google, Google Scholar, Bing Images, Bing Videos, AskJeeves, DuckDuckGo

statehood, the islands become the..., state of Hawaii, 1959


Art Gallery, Danny Braddix, Arman Manookian




what ails us, crystal meth, Stories, "Budding Calamity", "Once Upon an Island", "Girls in Past Perfect Tense"

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Look What's Coming, Icons, "Why Does It Take Five Years for Mosquitoes to Stop Biting You?", "Herding Mackerel with a Barracuda", "The Sweet Sap of Mango Season", "Chicken Wire Meat: The Best Part of the Pig", "Alae Red Dirt and Other Kahuna Stuffs", "Mynahs: Birds with Attitude", "Homemade is Hands Down Da Bes’: Hawai’i’s Iron-Bottom Moonshine ", "Tigah Lilly: The Meanest Pit Bull of All ", "Stalking the Great White Shark of Ni’ihau ", "Shiokara: Fish Gill Chutney ", Stuffs, "Midnight at the Awa Café ", "Bottling the Wellsprings of Mauna Loa ", "Worker’s Paradise: Minimum Wage Family ", "Big Island-Grown: Coffee to Die For, Ka’u Cacao, and an Orange Only a Mother Could Love ", "Why is Stuff Grown on Maui 'Better Than Sex?'", "Mega Malls, Designer Brand Madness, and Japanese Shopping Tours: Hawai’i As Retail Paradise ", "Early Morning at the Fish Auction", "Jerky from the Master Marlin Smoker ", "Outer-Island but Other-Worldly Goodies ", "Bed & Breakfast in the Valley of Birdsong and Rainbows ", "Orchids: Growing Jewelry in the Greenhouse ", "See-Through and Softly Glowing: Hawaiian Hardwood Bowls ", "Hawaiian Quilts: Patchwork of Aloha ", "Fishing Lures: The Bizarre, the Grotesque, and the Merely Outlandish ", "Ancient Healing in New Bottles: Noni Juice and Kukui Oil", "Hawaiian Salt: Savor of the Sea ", "The Haunting Beauty of Black Pearls ", "Tokyo-Grade Sashimi (If Can Find!) ", "More Precious than Gold: Island Classics in Silver ", "Miso Maker: Aromatic Alchemy of the Soybean ", Gourmet’s Guide to Poi: The 330 Varieties of the Taro of Yore, "Chili Peppah Water Gone Up-Market ", "Who Comes Up With This Stuff?: The Schlockiest Trinkets in Waikiki ", "Waialua and the Death of Sugar ", "The Last Mom n’ Pop Store ", "Sumida Farm: Growing Watercress in the Heart of the American Dream ", "In the Key of Sweet Soulfulness: Ukulele and Steel Guitar", Folks, "K-Bar Girls: Their Stories Would Amaze You ", "The Queer World of a Chinatown Mahu ", "King of the Beach Boys ", "What It’s Really Like to be Homeless in Hawaii ", "Interview With a Waikiki Hooker ", "The Gentlemanly Confidences of a Ko’ele Concierge ", "The Less-than-Legitimate Lifestyle of a Pakalolo Farmer ", "In Exile: Local Folks on the Mainland ", "Beyond Halawa: Locals in Texas Prisons ", "The Tall Tales of Uncle Herman, the Last Kahuna", Sense of Place, "Moloka’i: The Last Hawaiian Place ", "The Very Last Hawaiian Place: Mokuleia Roadside Camp ", "Makua: A Different Kind of Beach ", "Cane Cutter Camp: Fighting Cock Come Chicken Adobo ", "Kalihi Ilikai: Life in the Projects ", "Waimanalo: There but for Ewa Went Our Second City ", "The Gritty Tropical Town of Hilo ", "Down Home on the South Kona Coffee Farm ", "They Took No Prisoners: Death of Plantation Life on Lana’i ", "Our Japanese Expatriate Community in Kahala ", "Hotel Street’s Grottiest Dives ", "A Connoisseur of Beach Litter ", "At the Summit of Ka’ala, the Fragrant One ", "The Wettest Place on Earth: A Week in the Alaka’i Swamp ", "Waiahole Water: To Slake the Soul of a Valley", Phenomena, "Wretched Excess: The Rise and Fall of Christopher B. Hemmeter ", "UnReal Estate ", "Paleo-Hippies in Waikiki ", "Fantasy Island: Big Island Mega-Resorts ", "They Want to Build a Carnival on the North Shore ", "The Glory Era: Japanese Trophy Real Estate Hunting ", "Batu: Hawai’i’s New Ice Age, "Hawai’i through the Eyes of the Tourist Media ", "Hawaii’s Wackiest Development Schemes ", Things Hawaiian, "As Tutu Tells It: Oral Histories ", "Inside Bumpy’s Village", "The Healing Muck of the Lo’i ", "The Ogo Wars", "Hawaiian Style at the Ala Moana Farmers Market ", "Wellsprings of a Different Economy: The Fishponds of Moloka’i ", "Hawaiian-Style in Island Architecture ", "The Night Rainbow and Other Metaphysical Perspectives", "Hawaiian Time: Once Upon a Time in a World Without Clocks ", "Miloli’i: Fishing Hamlet ", "Mokua’a: Islands in the Supersonic Slipstream ", "Urban Shaman ", "Land as Legend: The Hidden Meanings of Place ", "Makua: A Very Different Kind of Beach ", "Kualoa: O’ahu’s Most Sacred Place ", "Hunting Pig in Haleakala’s Rain Forest", Ideas, "The Light of Knowledge is the Gleam of Gold: Creating a Knowledge-Based Economy in Hawai’i ", "Unraveling the Gordian Knot of Gridlock ", "Restoring a Hawaiian Sense of Place to Local Architecture ", "Island-Style Products in World Markets ", "Is There Room for the Traditional Hawaiian Way of Life in Hawai’i? "



early Hawaii

Kingdom of Hawai'i

attack on Pearl Harbor

Democratic Party


sovereignty movement

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progression of industries, whaling, Art Gallery, scrimshaw, Captain Budd, sandalwood, sugar, plantation era, Stories, "Plantation Store", "Cane Field Factory", "Mr. Sumida's Spite Strip", development, Stories, "Casa Kahala", "The Consultant", "Mandarin Redoubt", "Fault Line", "Once Upon an Island", tourism, Stories, "Xanadu", "The Beach", retailing, Stories, "Shopper's Paradise Lost", "Crack Seed Store No More", fishing, Stories, "Fish Hawk", local-style products, Stuffs, Aunty Soon's Oriental Dressing, Aunty Soon's Pickled Jalapenos, Big Island Cacao, Cane Haul Road Tees, Catfish n Pies, Crack Seed Store, Dark Roast Kona Peaberry Coffee, Dave's Ice Cream, Deb's Southern Comforts, Dry Aku Poke, Esket Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Fried Ahi Poke, Hawaiian Awa, Hawaiian Chili Peppah Jelly, Hawaiian Corn Bread, Hawaiian Pesto Sauce, Heritage Antiques, Kamaka Ukuleles, Ka'u Orange Marmalade, Kilauea Lodge, Keoki Brewing Company, Kipuka Collections, Kona Coffee, Kukui Nut Oil, Kula Black Raspberry Jam, Li Hing Mui Ice Cake, Li Hing Ume, Mac Nut Brown Ale, Macadamia Nut Oil, Manju, Manoa Designs, Maui Moka Coffee, Maui Rain Perfume, Moloka'i Sweetbread, Na Hana Lima Koa Jewelry Box, Noeau Ipu, Noni Juice, Rubbah Slippah, Squid Lure, Tahitian Black Peals, Tropical Fruit Chutney, Stories, "Working Port"

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