Board of Regents

Here is a step by step breakdown of the University of Wisconsin System hierarchy. This is something to keep in mind as you are working within the university setting.

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Board of Regents by Mind Map: Board of Regents

1. University of Wisconsin System Administration

1.1. Chancellor Joe Gow

1.1.1. Chancellor's Staff

1.1.2. Faculty Senate

1.1.3. Academic Staff Council

1.1.4. Student Association

1.1.5. Advancement

1.1.6. Affirmative Action & Diversity

1.1.7. Office of the Vice Chancellor, Administration & Finance

1.1.8. Office of the Provost/Vice Chancellor College of Business Administration Accountancy Economics Finance Information Systems Management Marketing College of Science and Health Athletic Training Biochemistry Biology Chemistry Clinical Laboratory Science Community Health Education Computer Science Exercise and Sport Science Geography Mathematics Microbiology Nuclear Medicine Technology Physics Radiation Therapy Recreation Management School Health Education Therapeutic Recreation College of Liberal Studies School of Arts and Communication School of Education English History Military Science Modern Languages Philosophy Political Science Public Administration Psychology Sociology Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Student Development and Academic Services Bookstore Child Care Center Counseling and Testing Dining Services Disability Resource Services Intercollegiate Athletics Multicultural Student Services Pre-College/Upward Bound Recreational Sports Residence Life Student Health Center Student Life Student Support Services University Centers Enrollment Services Academic Advising Admissions Career Services Financial Aid Records & Registration Information Technology Services Application Development Educational Technology ITS Network Services ITS Support Center Technical Support Services Continuing Education Grants & Contracts Institutional Research International Education Library University Graduate Studies