Eiffel tower

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Eiffel tower by Mind Map: Eiffel tower

1. tension because the top part is pushing down on the middle part.

1.1. tension Eiffel tower

2. torsion

2.1. when there is to much pressure given to iron, like wind, rain, and snow, it might cause the material to twist

2.1.1. snow

2.2. or maybe when a tornado comes over to the Eiffel tower it may cause it to start twisting or breaking apart while twisting.

3. center of gravity

3.1. it might be above the arch of the tower

3.1.1. the top doesn't hold much weight

3.1.2. that's why the place above the base of this structure is above the arch

3.1.3. the bottom support the weight

4. external force

4.1. the external forces could be any natural disasters in pairs.

4.1.1. tornado in paris

5. internal force

6. types of structures

6.1. frame

6.1.1. the tower was basically built with frames but not only frames.They try to make the frames as tall and strong as possible so it would not tip over.

7. applying forces

7.1. compression

7.1.1. snow on the Eiffel tower people going up the Eiffel tower

7.2. shear

7.2.1. lighting

7.3. tension

7.3.1. Wind against Eiffel tower

8. types of loads

8.1. dead load

8.1.1. material of Eiffel tower iron lattice

8.2. dynamic load

8.2.1. wind

8.3. live load

8.3.1. people on Eiffel tower

9. form and function

9.1. the function is to show how tall and pretty the Eiffel tower is.And also a observation tower, Transmitter station

9.1.1. Eiffel tower