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Willi Schroll, Foresight + Innovation by Mind Map: Willi Schroll, Foresight + Innovation
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Willi Schroll, Foresight + Innovation

FULL NAME Willi Michael Schroll


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MAIN LOCATION Berlin, Germany

Tourist information Berlin, Germany

PROFILE • Foresight Expert • Technology Analyst • Social Innovation Geek

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In depth experience in trend research, as tech analyst and as senior consultant since 1995

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Willi Schroll has been working as a technology analyst and foresight consultant since 1995. His special focus is on ICT, especially the internet, the mobile and social technologies. He is monitoring and analyzing disruptive innovations and the emerging social patterns around technologies. Willi has been studying information science and philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin with a focus on the knowledge process and facilitating technologies (“Die Potentiale hypermedialer Systeme für die Wissenskommunikation”, M.A. 1993). Willi started his professionell career at Vision Factory, Karlsruhe and since then was doing trend research and foresight as a free consultant and employee alike. With his strong interest in the web and the unfolding new behavior patterns around it, he has been focussing the (vague) notion of “Web 2.0”. As the main author of the “Web 2.0 Report” (Z_punkt GmbH 2006) he analyzed the impact of the participative web and the economical potential of the new information architectures.  

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Interested in social innovation, new patterns of living sustainable and resilient

As a foresight expert I feel some special responsibility

Understanding the "social wave" as a chance to catalyze and stabilize the global systemic transformation ahead

FEATURED PROJECT social foresight network