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Willi Schroll, Foresight + Innovation by Mind Map: Willi Schroll,
Foresight + Innovation
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Willi Schroll, Foresight + Innovation

FULL NAME Willi Michael Schroll


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social foresight network

MAIN LOCATION Berlin, Germany

Tourist information Berlin, Germany

PROFILE • Foresight Expert • Technology Analyst • Social Innovation Geek

Interest Profile in Depth

general, emerging technologies, esp. ICT, future trends, disruptive innovations, business focus, new business models, new culture models, change in lifestyle and values, social innovations, social media + social networks, ...

special current focus, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Mobile Social Networks, Privacy + Transparency, Sustainable Lifestyle, Sustainable Economy, ...

In depth experience in trend research, as tech analyst and as senior consultant since 1995

PUBLIC TRACKS • Keynotes • Presentations • Publications


find some at, 2009 "Digital Natives": Die Revolution der Web-Eingeborenen -

author / co-author

2006 Web 2.0 Report, Der Web 2.0 Report Mash Up Your Business! Von Willi Schroll, Ben Rodenhäuser und Andreas Neef Z_punkt

2011 TV 2020, TV 2020 Die Zukunft des Fernsehens Andreas Neef, Willi Schroll, Dr. Sven Hirsch Z_punkt 32 Seiten | Download kostenlos | September 2011


Deutsches Rednerlexikon,

2009 (German) Keynote - next banking Wozu Banken? Geld und Vertrauen im 21. Jahrhundert

2009 (English) Augmented Reality Ecosystem — V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media

2009 (German) Biografie als Design - Human Enhancement 2020 - uebermorgenkongress 2009

tbd - find some of my issues here

highlight in 2011

TV 2020 Die Zukunft des Fernsehens Andreas Neef, Willi Schroll, Dr. Sven Hirsch Z_punkt 32 Seiten | Download kostenlos | September 2011

highlights in 2012 so far

COMPETENCE • Expert • Speaker • Author

SOME HIGHLIGHTS ... Professional Timeline

2014, Connected Reality 2025 – Trend study (co-author), download English,, download Deutsch,

2011, "Die Arbeitswelt von morgen - mobil und hypervernetzt" Communication World 2011 in München Fachinterview, Study English/German, TV 2020 Die Zukunft des Fernsehens Andreas Neef, Willi Schroll, Dr. Sven Hirsch Z_punkt 32 Seiten | Download kostenlos | September 2011, English version > 3,630 views until 2012/03 • >200 downloads, German version > 2.600 views until 2012/03 • >85 downloads

2010, ARBcon.europe 1st European Augmented Reality Business Conference, related blog, management team + panel moderation, CeBIT webciety, AR Panel (moderator): "Nutzen der erweiterten Realität des mobile Webs", Markus Breuer, Geschäftsführer, Elephant Seven (Bielefeld GmbH) Andreas Cappell, Product Manager, Immowelt AG Uz Kretzschmar , Consultant Innovation, T-Systems Multimedia Solution GmbH Marc Maurer, AR Manager, empea Christiane Rittichen, Mobilizy / Wikitude Martin Schäffler, Geschäftsführer, Mehrwert GmbH, (participation), Report: Information 2015 (Accenture), Accenture's Predictions of Future Information Management Trends, report download here (PDF)

2009, tbd

2008, tbd, see: page "about me", for more see

Speaker Profile

Deutsches Rednerlexikon, Willi Schroll Preview-Version PDF, 740 kB

BACKGROUND Education + Bio


Freie Universität Berlin • Information Science • Philosophy

Short Bio

Willi Schroll has been working as a technology analyst and foresight consultant since 1995. His special focus is on ICT, especially the internet, the mobile and social technologies. He is monitoring and analyzing disruptive innovations and the emerging social patterns around technologies. Willi has been studying information science and philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin with a focus on the knowledge process and facilitating technologies (“Die Potentiale hypermedialer Systeme für die Wissenskommunikation”, M.A. 1993). Willi started his professionell career at Vision Factory, Karlsruhe and since then was doing trend research and foresight as a free consultant and employee alike. With his strong interest in the web and the unfolding new behavior patterns around it, he has been focussing the (vague) notion of “Web 2.0”. As the main author of the “Web 2.0 Report” (Z_punkt GmbH 2006) he analyzed the impact of the participative web and the economical potential of the new information architectures.  

discarded nodes / archived

KNOWLEDGE BASE • Trends • Futures • Links • Mind Maps (to be done)

for some peek into the future issues I am covering please go to, free downloads

Link collections / stacks

Education + Learning, Learning 3.0 Mind Map (Ressources), Presentation at Learning World 2008 (German) "Edunomics 2012 - Trends und Szenarien für Corporate Learning"

Augmented Reality, Augmented Citizen (+ Government 2.0), AR Business Connector


SPECIAL CURRENT INTERESTS • design thinking • Social Wave, Social Innovations


WHAT IS THIS MAP? This mind map ist my "biomap" + business graph (Get your own "biomapster", just cloning this one - click "+" for more info), After some frustration with profile pages on Social Networks I decided to gain full control with this "biomap" (biography mind map, CV map). The icredible policy of Facebook during the last years has made everyone aware about the loss of control now ..., My searching for alternatves lead me to this "format innovation". It is given to the world of commons. The basic idea is give you control about your social and business graph. You are allowed to copy structure and style without asking me. Anyway, I would appreciate, if you reference and link back., I like privacy, so there are a lot of things you will *not* find here. It is just a starting point to make networking easier, since you do not have to lookup my name in all the social networks and media, or in some stupid "people search engine", which delivers so much spam., Be a biomapster! You are the network. You own the network., biomapster = biographical and profile mind map user, Just build your own or import this .mind file to have a quick start!, To facilitate the findability of all the biomaps on the web, please include the word "biomapster" in your mindmap., web addresses of this public mind map: =, Just started this Mind Map in May 2010. Please give me feedback to make things better (schroll at strategiclabs de).


Interested in social innovation, new patterns of living sustainable and resilient

As a foresight expert I feel some special responsibility

obligation to ... enlighten about the chances and risks in the future ahead

Understanding the "social wave" as a chance to catalyze and stabilize the global systemic transformation ahead

FEATURED PROJECT social foresight network

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JANUARY 2012 massively supported #JellyWeek 2012 – decentral global event to celebrate the spirit of coworking and collaboration