Microneedleing Course

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Microneedleing Course by Mind Map: Microneedleing Course

1. Anatomy And Physiology

1.1. skin layers

1.1.1. dermis

1.1.2. Epidermis

1.1.3. Hipodermis

1.2. Epidermis What Is the Function of the Epidermis?

1.3. Dermis The Roles the Dermis Plays for Your Body

1.4. Hypodermis The Hypodermis Layer of the Skin Structure and Function

1.5. Fitzpatrick Type

1.5.1. Fitz1-Light, pale white Always burns, never tans

1.5.2. Fitz2-White, fair Usually burns, tans with difficulty

1.5.3. Fitz3-Medium, white to olive Sometimes mild burn, gradually tans to olive-

1.5.4. Fitz4-Olive, moderate brown Rarely burns, tans with ease to a moderate brown

1.5.5. Fitz5-Brown, dark brown Very rarely burns, tans very easily

1.5.6. Fitz6-Black, very dark brown to black Never burns, tans very easily, deeply pigmented- What Are the Fitzpatrick Skin Types? https://www.skinrenewal.co.za/fitzpatrick-skin-type-vi Product Recommendation for each Fitz Type Are you high risk for premature ageing? - Skin Essentials by Mariga | Advanced Skincare Ireland LAYER OF SKIN Understanding Skin: Anatomy of Skin and Skin Types & Conditions | SkinCeuticals

2. Treatment Protocols Before And During

2.1. Consultation Process Classification of fitz type How to select product base on skin type Skin preparation prior to treatment/set up station

3. Infection Control and hygiene

3.1. Regulation

3.1.1. Personal Hygiene

3.1.2. Universal and standard precautious Procedures

4. Post Treatment

4.1. Product Recommendation base on skin type/for home care

4.1.1. What to expect after treatment Aftercare instruction Microneedling Aftercare: Get The Most Out of Your Treatment

5. Microneedling Case Study

5.1. Patient name: Skin Type: Medical History: Skin Preparation before treatment: Maintenance Regime: Results:

5.2. work area preparation

5.3. Sterilisation

5.4. BBP

6. Machine/Equiment

6.1. Roller

6.1.1. Pen RF Fractional Microneedle RF Skin Lifting Machine Cosmetic BB Are there risks associated with "BB Glow" Microneedling treatments? How is PMU different?

7. What is Microneedling?

7.1. How it's works

7.1.1. How it's feel History Skin care products

8. Indications and Contraindications

8.1. List of contraindictions

8.1.1. Performing a skin analysis

9. Onboarding

9.1. Welcome message

10. Needles Serum and Anaesthetic

10.1. Ingredient to avoid

10.1.1. Active + Inaction ingredients