Chapter 11-2

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Chapter 11-2 by Mind Map: Chapter 11-2

1. Worcester vs. Georgia

1.1. the federal government recognized the Cherokees as a separate nation with their own laws

1.2. Georgia didn't follow the laws of the Cherokees

1.3. The Cherokees took Georgia to court and sued the state government

1.4. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that Georgia has no right to interfere with the Cherokees and only the federal government could

1.5. President Jackson although agreed with Georgia to remove the Cherokees

2. Native Americans

2.1. many settlers wanted the federal government to relocate the Native Americans living in the southwest

2.2. Andrew Jackson also wanted the Native American landing while agreeing with the settlers'

2.3. The Indian Removal Act allowed the federal government to pay Native Americns to move West

2.4. The Indian Territory was an area (present day Oklahoma) for Native Americans from the Southwest

3. Cherokee Nation

3.1. The Cherokees were not willing to give up their territory for the Native Americans

4. Trail of Tears

4.1. In 1835 the federal government persuaded a few Cherokees to sign a treaty to give up their land

4.2. In 1838 General Winfield Scott and 7000 federal troops came to remove the Cherokees and lead them West

4.3. The Cherokees knew that fighting would only lead to devastation so with sadness the Cherokee nation left and headed West

5. Osceola

5.1. was the leader of the Seminoles and led a lot of successful attacks on United States's forts

5.2. although he waged wars against the United States people considered him an honorable hero

5.3. he died in South Caroline with a throat infection in 1838 and his funeral was full of military honors

6. Black Hawk

6.1. led a force of Saux and Fox people back to Illinois and capture their land that they had given up from the Treaty

6.2. The Seminoles joined forces with African Americans and use guerrilla tactics while in war

6.3. by 1842 over 1500 American soldiers died due to the Seminole Wars

7. Present day Oklahoma

7.1. Oklahoma became part of the United States during the Louisiana Purchase

7.2. The United States set this area aside for various groups of Native Americans

7.3. American army leaders got agreements to let the tribes live in peace

7.4. The tribes set up a law called the Lighthorsemen and it gave them safety for the region