Chapter 11-2

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Chapter 11-2 by Mind Map: Chapter 11-2

1. Congress responded by passing the Indian removal act in 1830. The act allowed the federal government to pay Native Americans to move west.

2. Guerrilla tactics- Making surprise attacks and then retreating back into the forests and swaps.

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3. relocate- move somewhere else

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4. In 1838 General Winfield Scott and an army of 7,000 federal troops came to remove the Cherokee from their homes and lead them west.

5. In 1832 the Sauk chieftain, Black Hawk,led a force of Sauk and Fox people back to Illinois, their homeland.

6. Osceola became the leader of the Seminoles and led successful attacks on United states forts. Hiding in the swampy lands of the Everglades, the Seminoles grew tired,sick, and hungry.


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8. In 1835 the federal government persuaded a few Cherokee to sign a treaty giving up their people's land. Yet most of the 17,000 Cherokee refused to honor the treaty. They wrote a protest letter to the government and people of the United States.

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9. Long before European explorers arrived, the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole were living in eastern North America. The Native Americans built permanent communities , practiced agriculture, and developed complex tribal governments.

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