Chapter 11 Section 2

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Chapter 11 Section 2 by Mind Map: Chapter 11 Section 2

1. Vocab Words

1.1. Relocate~ Native Americans had to leave their land and move west of the Mississippi River.

1.2. Guerrilla tactics~to make surprise attacks then to retreat into swamps and woods.

2. Indian Rememoval Act

2.1. Congress responded to the relocation of Native Americans by coming up with the Indian Removal Act in 1830.

2.2. The act allowed federal government to pay Indians to move west.

2.3. Later congress in 1834 came up with Indian Territory in what is now present day Oklahoma.

3. The Cherokee Nation

3.1. The Cherokee Nation refused to follow the act, Federal government realized the Cherokee, in Georgia, as a separate nation with their own laws.

3.2. the Cherokee sued the state government and later took their case to the supreme court.

3.3. President Jackson didn't support the Cherokee Indians and vowed to ignore the supreme court's ruling.

4. Cheif Justice John Marshall

4.1. The chief ruled that Georgia had no right to interfere with the Cherokee.

5. General Winfield Scott

5.1. The General came with an army of 7,000 federal troops to remove the Cherokee Indians and lead them west.

6. The Trail of Tears

6.1. In 1835 a few Cherokee signed a treaty giving up their land, this was pursued by federal government.

6.2. General Winfield Scott came with 7,000 federal troops and later threatened the Cherokee if they did not leave.

6.3. Angry and upset the Cherokee knew their chance to win was over and gave in to the Generals orders which started the march west on The Trail of Tears.

7. Removal of Native Americans

8. Chief Black Hawk

8.1. Black Hawk led a force of Sauk and Fox back to their homeland of Illinois.

9. Native American Residence

9.1. The Sauk chieftain led a force with two Native American residences back to Illinois. They wanted to recapture this state that was given away in the treaty.

9.2. The only successful Native Americans who resisted their removal were the Seminole. They were pressured in the early 1830's to sign the treaties that would give up their land but their chief Osceola, and a few of his people refused to leave Florida.