Conflicts Over Land

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Conflicts Over Land by Mind Map: Conflicts Over Land

1. Vocab Words

1.1. Guerrilla Tactics

1.2. Relocate

2. Indian Territory

2.1. a.k.a. Oklahoma

2.2. for Native Americans from the Southest

3. General Winfield Scott

3.1. lead 7,000 federal troops

3.2. removed Cherokee from their home and led them to the West

4. Indian Removal Act

4.1. Allowed the federal government to pay Native Americans of the Southest

5. Chief Justice John Marshall

5.1. said that Georgia doesn't have a right to interfere with the Cherokee when the Cherokee sued the state government for not recognizing their laws in Georgia

6. Osceola

6.1. chief of Seminole

7. Black hawk

7.1. Sauk Chieftain

7.2. lead Sauk and Fox people back to Illinois

8. Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson

9. Facts

9.1. Native Americans lived in the Southeast, but most people wanted to move them to the MIssissippi River

9.1.1. Andrew Jackson was also wanted the Native Americans to move

9.2. Five Cilized Tribes

9.3. The federal government let the Cherokee live in a separate nation in the 1790s, but Georgia refused to go by what they said

9.3.1. state government was sued by the Cherokee and did case in Supreme Court

9.3.2. the only government who could involve with the Cherokee was the federal

9.3.3. Supporter of Georgia's removal of the Cherokee was Andrew Jackson

9.3.4. "John Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it." said Andrew Jackson

9.4. Federal government asked Cherokee to signed treaty to give away their land in 1835

9.4.1. 17k Cherokee didn't sign the treaty Wrote protest letter to the Government Andrew Jackson didn't like this

9.4.2. General Winfield Scott and 7000 troops removed the Cherokee and moved the to the west "Chiefs, head mean, and warriors-Will you then, by resistance, compel us to resort to arms?

9.5. Black Hawk, a Sauk chieftain, led Sauk and Fox people to Illinois

9.5.1. 4500 soldier chased them to the Mississippi and whoever tried to go to Iowa they would kill them

9.5.2. Seminole people were the only one who survived

9.6. Seminole

9.6.1. Pressured to sign treaties in 1830s

9.6.2. joined African Americans to go to war withAmerica attacked white settlements along Florida coast

9.6.3. Ambushed soldiers with Major Francis Dade in 1835 a few out of 110 soldiers survived