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Soundpress Content Strategy by Mind Map: Soundpress Content Strategy
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Soundpress Content Strategy


maybe use a content area rotator like we did for SAY's site.


Recent projects

Why use us?

Latest blog headline



Focus should be on business using common language, not on the description of services.

List of services (not too deep)

What are the services that they're offering?


link to portfolio is on every page

Case Studies

Web design

Graphic design



Link to contact is on every page


Phone #

Contact form

The other possibility I've seen is using more information, like "Select type of project" and "Select budget range."  However, I just believe that it usually ends up scaring off people.


And I can type a note.

What makes you successful

My quote - There are many things we can do, but only certain things we should do now.

What makes us credible

Note here.

What makes us different


All of these are just ideas of what could be done.  However, if they're not going to update it, ditch it.



New clients

Client news

Recent launches

Blog- Idea Inspection

I'd like to respond to ideas in marketing we see, both good and bad - and remind people that someone is paying for what they see/experience.


Our ONE big thing -- what is it?

Is there a slogan?

What do we want people to do?