aware of diversity issues

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aware of diversity issues by Mind Map: aware of diversity issues

1. Like, if somepeople that aren't a certain religion they will be discrimated

2. religion

2.1. People are judged by their religion

3. sexual orientation

3.1. People judge them by calling them gay, bisexual,lebsions,quivers and etc. names. I think people in that way of sexual orietntation shouldn't be judged by that because of what they like or love.

3.2. This is one of the BIGGEST problems with diversity.

3.3. If people stop judging and complaining maybe then it would not be of a big deal or issue in diversity. People should keep their judgements to their selfs and opinions about this issues.

4. gender

4.1. One of the other big deals is with gender's. In some part of the third world countries women are not allowed to work or do certain things that men are allowed to do. I think that its not right to judge a woman by her gender and women can do things that men can do also. Also, that boys and girls are seperated because of their genders in some private schools.

5. race

5.1. Big problem with diversity issues is race, its the a problem with jobs, schools and other places too.

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