chapter 11-2

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chapter 11-2 by Mind Map: chapter 11-2

1. the Cherokee nation

2. the Trail of Tears

3. The Cherokee nation refused to give up its land

4. the Cherokee nation sued america, the case went to the supreme court, and chief justice John Marshall stated that america had no right to move the Indians

5. president jackson suported georgia and their efforts to remove the indians

6. in 1835 america persuaded a few native american to sighn a treaty and give up its land

7. '' we are aware that some person suppose it will be for our advantage to {remove} beyond the missippi... we wish to remain on the land of our fathers''

8. in 1813 General WinField scott and troops of 7,000 soldier came to remove the Cherokee

8.1. general Winfield scott

9. scott threatend to use force if the cherokee did not agree to move west

10. Osceola, the leader of he seminoles Indians

11. Osceola died of a throat infection in south Carolina.

12. The Seminole Indians were the only tribe to successfully resist their removal.

13. "even led aged... nearly ready to drop in the grave, were traveling with heavy burdends attached to their backs, sometimes on frozen ground and sometimes on muddy streets, with no covering on their feet

14. black hawk Indians

15. "we told them to let us alone and keep away from us:but they followed on.'' sauk leader

16. in 1832 the Sauk chief, black hawk, led a force of fox and sauk people back to illinois

17. 4,500 federal soldiers were sent to stop them

18. Dade Massacre pressured for more troops

19. the Seminoles decided to go to war with America

20. in 1835 the Seminoles decided to join forces with a group of run-away slaves

21. they used Guerrilla warefare

22. the escaped African americans and the Indians attacked settlements along the florida cost

23. john ross, the princible chief of the Cherokee, he opposed the removal of his people

24. the Cherokee

25. here is how they talked