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The Sound Engineer's Path by Mind Map: The Sound Engineer's Path
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The Sound Engineer's Path

Undergrad University - Theater/Music/Film

Game Tester

Sound Designer - Game


International Alliance of Theatrical Stage EmployeesBritish Academy of Film and Television Arts

Casual Labor, Apprentice

General Theater Production

A2 Theatre

A1 Theatre/Opera, Head of Audio - Theatre/Opera, Head of a professional organization, Production Specialist Theatre, Product Specialist - Hardware/Software, Project Manager - Software/Hardware

Graduate University - Theatre/Music

Sound Designer - Theatre, Teaching, Arts organization, Other Part-time

Resident Sound Designer

Educator, Author, Studio Musician

A2 Theme Park

A2 Concert

Stage Hand, Over Hire

A1Concert, Teaching, Author, Journalist, Music Store, System Tech, Tour Manager, A1 House of Worship, Production Manager, A1/2 Corporate, Business Owner

Installer Commercial Integration, Commercial Integration System Designer, System Design for Integrated Operating Rooms

Runner/Intern Concert Venue

A2 Concert House, A1 Concert House, AV Tech

Marketing - Startup

Runner/Intern Recording Studio

"I'll do whatever you want. Just let me hang out here." -Ken Pooch Van Druten

Marketing - Record Label, Marketing - Hardware

Recording Assistant, Recording Engineer House, Recording engineer, Journalist, Studio Owner, Teacher, Musician

Home Studio


Production Trainee, Assistant, Production Recorder

Post Trainee, Assistant, Post Mixer

A2 Broadcast, A1 Broadcast

General Tech


Radio DJ

Volunteer House of Worship

Undergrad University - Electrical Engineering

Undergraduate University - Computer Science

Television Broadcast

Audio School

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