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1. Included Implementation Services

2. Predictive Analytics

2.1. PowerDialer

2.2. Neurosort

2.3. Sales Indictor

3. Communication

3.1. Telephone

3.1.1. Inbound Incoming call IVR and ACD "Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support Transfer to individual, rollover to group Graphical software interface Immediate Response Increase 1st call contacts by 50-90% Immediate outbound calls to incoming web leads Web-to-lead forms- pushes forms website directly into CRM for an immediate response Auto logs and all inbound call activity into CRM database.

3.1.2. Outbound Local Presense Increases pickup rates by 25 to 56% 100% automated Incoming callback routing included Over 280 land line numbers included Click to Call 50-70% reduction in time and clicks Doubles daily telephone activity Native within CRM Automated voicemail templates Fax transmission included Text messaging NextCall Plus / PowerDiaer Dynamically updating outbound call lists Pre recorded voicemail templates "Set Callback" feature Call monitoring and "whisper in" Integrated email templates Native CRM integration

3.2. Email

3.2.1. Vision Realtime tracking and feedback 100% Automated Email Opens Hyperlink Clicks Attachment Downloads Email Forwarding Multiple-recipient-unique notifications Website Visits Outbound Campaigns 20,000 monthly outbound emails included Custom merge field email templates Send to all contacts or to select criteria HTML email templates supported

3.2.2. Absolute Automation #1 rated productivity on Appechange Creates new leads and contacts Incomming emails Outbound emails Auto Logs all email activity to Salesforce

3.3. Fax

3.3.1. Fax PDF and File's from within CRM

3.4. Text Message

3.4.1. Auto sent text meeting reminders

4. Motivation and Gamification

4.1. PowerStandings

4.1.1. All games have Rules Job description Goals Job description Participation Job Description Feedback system PowerStanding Side Panel Leaderboards Dashboards Points Achievements Throwdowns

5. Data Visualization

5.1. Gamifaction Feedback

5.1.1. Call result totals

5.1.2. Emails sent

5.1.3. Dial attempts

5.1.4. Callbacks set

5.1.5. Voicemails left

5.1.6. Opportunities reated

5.1.7. Contracts sent

5.1.8. Outbound talk time

5.1.9. Inbound talk time

5.1.10. Total talk time

5.1.11. Custom KPI's Supported

5.2. Dashboards

5.2.1. Pie Charts

5.2.2. Bar Charts

5.2.3. Line Charts

5.2.4. Scatter Charts

5.2.5. Tables

5.3. Advanced standard reports

5.3.1. Sales Agent Activity Agents - Call results Are calls going through and being answered? Agents - Call results at each dial How many of each dial attempt number did each agent make yesterday? Agents - Lead progression What is happening to my leads after phone calls? Agents - Lead progression at each dial How are leads progressing for individual reps? Agents - Lead progression by call result How did leads progress yesterday based on dial result? Agents' Time - Ring time What is the average time it takes someone to answer the phone? Agents' Time - Work time How much time did my agents spend on the phone yesterday?

5.3.2. Telephone Analysis Call Disposition % This Month Call Results this month Call Recordings by Rep Shows a list of all call recordings for each rep and provides links to listen to the recordings. Call Result Detailed View Provides a detailed view into the call results by talk time. Call Results - Call results at each dial What are the results of my calls at each dial interval? Call Results - Talk time by call result By call result, what are the talk time metrics of my agents? Call Results by Dial Attempts Displays the result of calls grouped by dial attempts Call Results This Month Shows Results of calls placed this month by rep Calls by Rep Today Shows the total number of outbound and inbound calls each rep placed or received. Correct Contact AVG Talk Time Shows which reps are having meaningful conversations with the right people. Correct Contact Rate by Dial Attempt Shows the rates that reps are getting a hold of the right person by the number of call attempts. Correct Contact Rate by Rep Shows how well reps are doing at getting a hold of the right people. Correct Contact Rate by Time of Day Shows the best time of day to call and get a correct contact. Immediate Response Results Shows the results of the first call placed to a prospect grouped by response time. Inbound Calls - Calls by ACD How many calls did we receive in each ACD, and what happened on those calls? Inbound Calls - Calls by hour of day How many inbound calls do we receive each hour, and what happened on those calls? Inbound Calls - Calls taken by agent How many inbound calls have each of my agents received, and what happened on those calls? Inbound Calls by Time of Day Shows the quantity of inbound calls received during various times of the day.

5.3.3. Record Criteria Analysis Lead Penetration Report Shows how many leads assigned to a rep have been called at least once. Lead Source Effort to Conversion Shows how much effort is spent on certain lead sources and then the results of that effort. Lead Sources - % of leads worked Which lead sources are contacted and closed the most? Lead Sources - Call result at each dial By lead source, what are the results of my calls at each dial interval? Lead Sources - Progression at each dial By lead source, how are leads progressing through each lead status at each dial interval? Lead Statuses - Progression at each dial How are leads progressing through each lead status at each dial interval? Lead Statuses - Progression by talk time By lead status, what are the talk time metrics of my agents?

5.3.4. Statistics and Analysis PowerDialer Average Response Time Response time to leads this year, by lead source. PowerDialer Average Talk Time Today Average Talk Time for each call result today by rep PowerDialer Callbacks This Week Callbacks set & fulfilled in PowerDialer This Week PowerDialer Emails sent this month Displays Emails sent through PowerDialer by Rep This Month PowerDialer Emails Sent This Year Emails sent through PowerDialer this year by Rep PowerDialer Inbound Calls This Month Inbound Calls this Month by Rep PowerDialer Inbound Calls Today Inbound Calls today with Call Results by rep PowerDialer Outbound Call Details Today Detail of Every Call Today by Rep PowerDialer Outbound Calls Last Month Calls Each Day by Rep PowerDialer Outbound Calls This Month Outbound Calls Each Day by Rep PowerDialer Outbound Calls This Week Outbound Calls each day this week grouped by Rep PowerDialer Voice Messages This Month Count of Voice Messages left through PowerDialer Each Day This Month PowerDialer Voice Messages This Year Voice Messages left through PowerDialer This Year by Rep Ring Time Averages Shows the AVG ring time before someone answers an outbound call. Time Zones - Call Results (Last 90 Days) What are the most effective hours of the day to call my prospects? Time Zones - Call Results (Yesterday) What are the results of my calls in each time zone? Time Zones - Lead Progression How are lead statuses being update in each time zone?

6. About us

6.1. People

6.1.1. Over 500 Employees

6.1.2. Research team Published in Harvard Business Review and Many More Over 1,400 research projects Analyzed over 12 billion sales communications

6.1.3. Exec Team Dave Elkington, CEO Ken Krouge, Co-Founder President Jim Steele, VP of Global Sales, CCO Former SVP of Sales at

6.2. Environment

6.2.1. Utah Salt Lake City Provo Remote Field Reps

6.2.2. Triple-digit grows 4 years and running

6.3. Methods

6.3.1. Inside Specialist Model Business Development Reps Closers Sales Engineers Account executives Technical support Implementation specialists

7. Benefits

7.1. General benefits

7.1.1. Increase call volume

7.1.2. Reduce sales cycle duration

7.1.3. Reduce effort

7.1.4. Reduce fatigue

7.1.5. Increase contact rates

7.1.6. Increase revenue

7.1.7. Increase lead conversion

7.1.8. Better management

7.1.9. Lower required experience level

7.1.10. Reduce sales cycle duration

7.1.11. Increase close ratios

7.1.12. Reduce waste within sales process

7.1.13. Increase activity

7.2. Customer Case Studies

7.2.1. Polaris Partners 30%+ increases in sales close rates. 3X improvements in funnel optimization 60%+ improvement in new rep productivity

7.2.2. Double Dutch 300% increase in annual revenue over an 18 month period 400% increase in sales pipeline

7.2.3. LexisNexis 8x increase dials 13x increase in appointment 400% increase in sales pipelin

7.2.4. ADP 74% increase in appointments set 300% increase in logged calls 32% increase in sales revenue

7.2.5. Marketo Immediate 40% increase in contact rates

7.2.6. ActOn 20% increase in sales cycle pipeline 269% increase in total revenue Went from 100 calls per rep / day to 300

7.2.7. On24 Rep calls from 20-40 calls daily to 75-125 From 50 scheduled sales meetings per quarter to 650

7.2.8. ChartLogic Quota reps went from spending 50% time prospecting calling to less than 10% Biz-Dev reps from 40-50 daily calls to 150

7.2.9. Colorado Insurance Agency Sales revenue +105% 25-30 dials increased to 75-100

7.2.10. Pinnacle Security Tripled sales revenue per rep

7.2.11. Vorsight 38% increase in conversations per rep/month

7.2.12. Guidespark 150% increased total revenue 50% decrease in sale cycle duration 300% increase in outbound call volume

7.2.13. Mobify Increased efficiencie increased call volume, business intelligence, visibility 80% increase in ARR

7.2.14. California Casualty 4000 more talk hours per year 67% increase in quotes

7.2.15. KPI Analytic 35% increase in call volume 15% increase in conversion rate 25% increase in pipline

7.2.16. Tegile Systems 30% increased call volume "Big boost" in efficiency

7.2.17. Gild, Inc. 15% increased productivity 10% increased contact rate

7.2.18. DemoChimp 80% Increase in lead conversion & pipeline

7.2.19. Salesstaff LLC 25% more appointments

7.2.20. Paradigm Life 250% increased lead conversion 200% increased revenue growth

7.2.21. Level11 200% increased conversations 300% increased call volume

7.2.22. LogMeIn 30% increased call volume increased conversations and conversion

7.2.23. Greenway Medical 400% reduction in inbound response time increased conversion rate & revenue

8. Consulting Services