iGIP Operations

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iGIP Operations by Mind Map: iGIP Operations

1. Ra

1.1. Segmentation

1.2. Targeting

1.3. Positioning

1.4. Marketing

1.4.1. Direct sales Searching for companies rekvizita/visalt/118 google business center photos referrals from meetings Magazines like bzn start databases - versli lietuva, pramones konfederacija Cold calls/warm calls personalized cold calls 15 calls per hour warm calls for leads from conferences or referals 1st meeting - finding needs 2nd meeting - product presentation 3rd meeting - contract and expectations setting

1.4.2. Advanced direct sales leads from business events. ex. login conference in litexpo Associations Chamber of commerce Other institutions with network of potential clients

1.4.3. Online Linked Website Collective articles Magazines

2. Ma

2.1. Account management

2.1.1. After contract - writing a letter with summary ( expectations + ddls )

2.1.2. Setting kam

2.1.3. Informing company with a letter every 2 weeks of status

2.2. Regular

2.2.1. Uploading TN

2.2.2. Creating proposal

2.2.3. Sending letters Colorful Message more visual Personal

2.3. Advanced

2.3.1. Contacting VP OGX

2.3.2. Contacting Alumni in other countries

2.3.3. Going to AIESEC conferences

2.3.4. Asking current EPs who are in the country

2.3.5. Asking our EPs who are abroad

2.3.6. Working like real recruitment company

2.3.7. Going to the country

2.3.8. Cold calls

2.3.9. you have won a trip

2.3.10. SMS

2.3.11. promote travel and short term internships

2.3.12. Online Facebook groups Posting on groups Creating own group and inviting everyone Linkedin Writing blog - exchange in LT Youtube channel - EP talks

2.4. Assessment center

2.4.1. Interviews

2.4.2. Case studies

2.4.3. Tests

3. Re

3.1. Finding EB buddy

3.2. Skype talk with accepted EP

3.2.1. Introducing EP buddy

3.2.2. Checking dates of arrival

3.2.3. Explaining documentation plan

3.2.4. Explaining accommodation plan

3.2.5. Information about Lithuania

3.2.6. Information about LC

3.2.7. Adding to FB exchange group

3.3. Documentantion

3.3.1. AN

3.3.2. If Shengen zone - AN is enough

3.3.3. If NOT C viza shengen We invite from migration department D viza national EP applies in Lithuanian embassy Diploma certification Working permit

3.4. Accommodation

3.5. Reception

3.5.1. Meeting in airport Bread Vodka Kefyr Salt Phone number

3.5.2. Going to company

3.5.3. Temporary living permit

3.5.4. Going to sodra

3.6. Asking company to pay

4. Accm

4.1. KAM

4.2. Internship evaluations

4.3. Collecting recommendations/referals

4.4. Discounts

4.5. Product customization

5. EP Integration

5.1. Informing EPs about LC events

5.2. Inviting EP to present himself in LCM

5.3. Organizing integration party/ trips

6. IT systems

6.1. SynergyCloud

6.1.1. Filling action steps/ outputs before signing a contract

6.2. Podio

6.2.1. Filling output after RE