Describes all software components and how they relate to the overall ecosystem

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Topology by Mind Map: Topology

1. Server Feature Location

1.1. Login

1.1.1. Support Dashboard Smart Content Manager Poster Manager Box Office Manager Wayfinding Manager

1.2. Login

1.2.1. Client Dashboard C-Stand Campaign Management Open / Close Scheduling NDS Powerview Locations Content Networks Settings Built-in Reporting Client Approval

2. Player Roadmap

2.1. MPS

2.1.1. Bundling Data For Server Sync POS data in NDS DAS Data in NDS BO Data in NDS Wayfinding Data in NDS

2.2. Player

2.2.1. Director Player AS3 Support Flash Plugin Line Item Plugin

2.2.2. Air Player Multi-monitor support Allow Auxiliary screens

2.2.3. Both IPTV

3. Server Development Order

3.1. C-Stand HTML View

3.1.1. Remember Password

3.1.2. Smart Content Management

3.1.3. NDS new interface Multi-tenancy Built-in Reporting Transcoder Health Indicators Smart playlists Exposing POS-driven prices Java 8

3.1.4. Dashboard

3.1.5. Client Approval

3.1.6. D-banks NDS Management