Second Life

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Second Life by Mind Map: Second Life

1. virtual business meetings and conventions

1.1. what are the benefits?

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1.2. downfalls? Criticisms?

1.3. selling products

1.3.1. trade shows

1.3.2. expos

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2. meeting and event planners out of a job?

2.1. future event planners must be skilled in second life and virtual meetings?

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2.2. how is this affecting the way we train event managers?

3. history of virtual meetings

3.1. how they got started

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3.1.2. New node

3.2. how quickly did the technology develop

3.3. how many businesses are using it on a regular basis?

3.4. How long until this is the norm when it comes to expos/trade shows/business conferences

4. how is this different from other forms of social networking?

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