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Sirius Colors EPK by Mind Map: Sirius Colors EPK

1. biography

1.1. music bio

1.2. workshop bio

2. photos

2.1. -

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3. listen

4. transformational workshops

4.1. the Physics of Sound and Vibration

4.2. Awakening Chi for Festival Dancing

4.3. Spiritual BeatBoxing: The Power of the Breath in Rhythm

4.4. Rhythm of the Heart: Synchronizing our Heart-fields

4.5. Sacred Ceremony in Everything We Do

5. booking

5.1. [email protected]

6. notable performances

6.1. sunrise set at Gratifly Music and Arts Festival 2014

6.2. festival opening set at Kinnection Campout 2014

6.3. tour with Kaminanda

6.4. direct opener for Govinda

6.5. sunrise set at Fly Free Fest 2014

6.6. late saturday night set at Fly Free Fest 2013

6.7. Welcome to Pangea Psytrance Festival 2014

6.8. Equinox Psychedelic Festival 2014, Deerfields, NC

7. facebook fan page

8. artwork / graphics

8.1. -

8.2. -

8.3. -

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8.5. -

9. words of praise / references

9.1. Clayton Gaar, Founder and Executive Producer of Kinnection Campout

9.1.1. "Sirius Colors is one of the most multidimensional contributors I have come across in my event production career and I wouldn't think of throwing of throwing a festival without him. Between his funky percussion-based tribal groove music, his unique participatory workshop offerings blending science and spirituality, and his extensive networks, Thomas is a valuable asset to any festival's team."

9.2. Futureman, 5-time Grammy winner

9.2.1. "Mr Anderson is the Neo of our Matrix ... he has tasted the red and the blue pill and now shares all of his insight in beat-boxin’ body-shakin Neo tribal music....!!!"

9.3. Taylor Pearon, Tribal Council Collective

9.3.1. "Sirius Colors brings multiple facets of engagement to events, providing patrons with experiences that provoke everything from thoughtful observation & contemplation, to active, empowered participation. The level of enthusiasm, conviction, & confidence that Thomas (Sirius Colors) carries shines through in every realm- from his musical performance, to his workshops, and general presence at an event."

9.4. Jeff Coffin, 3-time Grammy winner, Dave Mathews Band

9.4.1. "Thomas Anderson? Well, it seems like he's part Richard Feynman, part Peter Pan and part caveman. He's a modern day Gurdjieff. He's a seeker who seems to have eyes in the back of his head. To call him interesting is an understatement of grand proportion."

9.5. Phil Lassiter, Horn Section Leader with Prince, Composer / Arranger on 7 Grammy winning projects

9.5.1. "Thomas Anderson is one of the most uniquely creative individuals I've ever come across. His abilities are as diverse as they are creative. Thomas has the qualities of both an intellectual and raw street performer. I'm always inspired when I get the opportunity to perform with him. Besides all of that, he's also a great friend."

9.6. Corey Petree, Founder of Fly Free Fest

9.6.1. "Sirius Colors is EXACTLY what every music festival needs. Thomas went out of his way to make sure our event was unique and a collaborative effort. He helped organize flow artists, workshops, and put a lot of work into his set to make sure that it resonated well with our attendees. I will have Sirius Colors at any event we do in the future."

9.7. Tom Weiler, PhD AstroPhysicist, CERN Large Hadron Collider

9.7.1. "Thomas Anderson plays the meanest, fastest skins I have ever heard. AND he has highly original, provocative thoughts about a kind of "communication" among the Black Holes in our Universe. Imagine that, black hole and drum talents all wrapped up in one person. I'll bet there is not another, certainly not another like him."

10. What makes Sirius Colors stand out?

10.1. records his sounds in secret mystical locations

10.2. operates under the guidance of indigenous earth-wisdom masters

10.3. masters degree in physics

10.4. plays live drums, sings and beatboxes while simultaneously computer DJ-ing

10.5. high energy interactive one-man livetronica powerhouse

10.6. also teaches a number transformational workshops

10.7. offers live dancers, fire-flow and aerial performances with show

11. 1-sheet