Little Money Savers

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Little Money Savers by Mind Map: Little Money Savers

1. Debit and Credit

1.1. Speaking: Explantion and short presentation between incomes, outcomes and expenses. Then, playing "The Bank", where they have to play a rol in a bank company.

2. Basic Maths

2.1. Reading: Explanation and flash cards about math sings in English like plus, less, times and divide. Then application in real life situations where money is involved. A game will be included in this topic.

3. Numbers and Digits

3.1. Listening: Video About the numbers and an activity about big numbers and digits.

4. Personal Expenses

4.1. Writting: Each student will make chart where they write down thier incomes and expenses, and will think about a plan of how can they save a little bit more. Then, in groups or pairs, students will share the strategy.